Chinese period drama HUA XU YIN - Jiang Xin, Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong - RECRUITING

Hua Xu Yin - City of Desperate Love 华胥引绝爱之城

Genre: Romance, fantasy, period, novel adaptation
Cast: Jiang Xin, Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong, Guo Zhen Ni, Gan Ting Ting. 3 cast members starred in Bu Bu Jing Xin. Jiang Xin starred in Legend of Zhen Huan.
Synopsis: The tale of the Hua Xu Tune and the dream weaver. Ye Zhen (Lin Yuan) is the princess of the Wei Kingdom. Young and naive, she falls in love with a man named Mo Yan (Kevin Cheng). Only later does she find out that Mo Yan is actually Prince Su Yu of the enemy kingdom. Although Ye Zhen’s love is forbidden, she sacrifices herself for Mo Yan’s sake. Afterwards, Ye Zhen is resurrected by a magic pearl and becomes Jun Fu, the dream weaver. She wanders the land and creates dreams for people with her Hua Xu tune. Thus, the stories of Song Ning (Jiang Xin), Ying Ge (Guo Zhen Ni), and Murong An (Gan Ting Ting) are born.

Hua Xu Yin is loosely based on the best-selling fantasy romance novel Hua Xu Yin ( 华胥引) by Tang Qi 唐七, author of Three Lives Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom/三生三世十里桃花.

Recruiting: segmenters, Chinese subbers, & editors. We accept part-time team members too!
How to join: Private message jwindsong to join. All team members must be added to the team before they start subbing/segmenting.
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Hi @jwindsong
i would like to join the team as segmenter…
even though i not that good nor experienced segmenter, but hope you would give me a try first :smile:

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Thanks for volunteering & welcome to the team! I have sent you a private message. :slight_smile:

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Still recruiting Chinese subbers & segmenters! :slight_smile: