Chinese Periodical Dramas to recommend?

Anyone have suggestions for Chinese periodical dramas (either wuxia and/or historical) that Viki either already has or we can recommend for Viki to have?

They are a largely neglected part of dramas that are watched. :frowning:

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Heya Music,
Viki has this: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2003
Sadly, as usual, it’s not subbed completely yet…

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Hello, Completely subbed.


@auroratasya Yeah… I’ve actually seen that one before, since I was, and kind of still am, a huge fan of Alec Su. So gee, I wonder why… it’s on my favorites :wink: Sadly, sadly… it’s not subbed. Another one that has whetted my appetite to join as a subber soon.

@kobolt Yup yup… I had volunteered to help you on the drama. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. (pssstt @auroratasya… see how bad I am??)

Any other ones you’re interested?? I’m a huge fan of Liu Shi Shi and really liked this one…
but I just wish it could be licensed and more Chinese periodicals can be licensed.

Also, Song of the Desert looks so interesting, but it’s still not licensed. Not that licensing matters to fans like me, but licensed shows definitely give it a wider audience, I think.

You just need to be nagged here and there, Music. LOL

Hey, if you can help a bit on subbing that heaven sword, maybe?
I segged 15K segments for that drama when I just started volunteering myself as a segmenter on viki hahahaha

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LOL!! I do!! I need to be nagged tons!! :smiley:

Sure!! Although… I think you already know how I’m eager to agree to anything and eventually, it gets done, just with tons and tons of nagging… and after lots of waiting too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you interested in watching it?? It’s a famous wuxia story in Chinese literature, and that story has been remade heavens know how many times… If you’re interested, I’ll poke you when I get around to subbing it, how’s that?

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Of course I’m interested to watch it!
I watched all 3 dramas of that Trilogy, the 80’s version ones. Felix Wong, Andy Lau, Tony Leung.
Thanks to my Father who looooooveeesss kungfu, I got to watch kungfu series since I was little!
The Condor Trilogy was the first kungfu series I watched.
And then we watched The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung (Michael Miu).
And then… hmmm I forgot what after that.
Oh yes, Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman (Damian Lau). I love this one, I thought it was cool when both female and male leads fought together side by side :smiley:

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Oh goodness… Those were the good times!!! :slight_smile:

Yes, yes!! They are all amazing dramas and veterans in the Asian entertainment industry!! These childhood dramas are too many to count. Oh so nostalgic!!

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Yes, they are all amazing! If only we could watch it on Viki hahahaha
I would happily seg the series if they ever bring it here.

I can’t help it. LOL

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You have no idea how big of a smile you put on my face. Flying through the sky, white haired old men, swords against teeth, and clinging onto vines. Ahhh…

They looked cool, ay? That’s why I love this series. It took me a while to remember the title, as all I remember was the couple fought with their swords side by side, compliment each other with their sword skills. I had to google and search on youtube that time :smiley: Ha ha ha…
When I was back in my home country last year, I bought its DVD series - copy ones, as they don’t sell the original anymore :frowning:I even tried they said they don’t even know when the series will ever be on the market anymore.

Do we have Huan Ju Ge Ge, (Not sure if I spelled it correctly) Returning Pearl Princess, the first and second one? That was my favorite childhood drama. And Romance in the Rain too… Zhao Wei is an amazing actress.

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I’ve filled the request form for many period dramas. It is a shame to see that there aren’t many licensed chinese period dramas on Viki. (I’d especially like dramas with a female protagonist and harem politics.) I don’t want to start watching any in-progress drama on fan channels, since they might disappear any time due to copyright issues. (I’ve had this happen to a drama I followed too many times now.)

If Viki gets any licenses I’d be happy to help in segmenting. I so want to be able to watch more chinese period drama! (And understand what they are saying! lol)

Edit: And I do think there would be an audience for drama like this as long as it is 100% sure the vids wont just disappear some day and the video and sub quality is good enough (Fan channels have sometimes really bad quality video). Also I think that being able to watch series through Smart TV or App will get more views certainly.

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Oh yeah, good completely subbed (but not always edited) drama on Viki fan channels:

Legend of Zhen Huan

(Basically I’ve liked almost any “The legend of [insert name of Queen/concubine/female]” :smiley: )

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I recommend the drama Back In Time 匆匆那年
First time I heard it was from the upcoming movie with the same title.
After I found out that it is adapted from the novel with the same title
I read the novel after and really like it very much.
And I search and found this web drama for the novel.

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I soooo want those dramas to be licensed by Viki!! They were my childhood memories. Sighs!

I think you’re absolutely right. I think once Viki has started licensing dramas, we tend to rely on them more. It’s always hard to find something good, get hooked on it, only for it to be deleted. Unfortunately, I also find the quality on licensed channels to be better because the teams work more confidently in licensed dramas because they know their work won’t be deleted and gone to waste… Sad!! TT_TT

It was my childhood too! Along with Meteor Garden and Journey to the West! I hope VIKI can get these licensed too!

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Ohhh man… Yes!!! Viki needs a revival of the old classics and memorable dramas, even if just for us people to reminisce about. ^^

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