Chinese subs for a Chinese language drama

Yes, that sounds redundant. I mean, why need subs for a drama that’s already in that language?

However, I came to Viki mainly because I liked the idea of translating and letting other people, including many of my friends who don’t understand Chinese, to still be able to watch Chinese videos.

That being said, my usual drama sources have been the raw videos, and traditionally, Chinese dramas always have the hard-sub Chinese characters down on the bottom.

Anyone else bothered that they don’t have this on Viki?

To the channel managers, moderators, or heck, anyone out there… anyone feel like it’s a good thing to have hard-subs of the original language on videos?

I think this depends on the video source. At the moment, the licensed channel ‘Lovestore at the corner’ has chinese hard subs but other channels don’t.

It would be great if the hard subs can be turned on/off like other language subs. Users might find them distracting and takes up too much space if they see the original subs as well as the subs in their language.

It makes translating a whole lot easier if the original chinese subs are available!

If you want Chinese subs on Viki add them yourself if you can. PM the channel manager/chinese mod and ask them if it’s ok for you to sub in Chinese (never forget to mention the drama since many have various projects). Licensed series on Viki never come with subs unless in some rare cases the content owner provides hardsubbed video’s but that’s really, really rare. All subs are done by people like yourself on Viki.
If you can’t do Chinese look for people who can and ask them if they are willing to help out and let them contact the channel manager. Channel managers normally don’t look for people to sub in a certain language other then English. Other people contact them they can sub in a language and/or to become a mod for a language and look for people to form a team and sub it together. Sometimes people go like “why is it not subbed in (name a language)” and that’s simply because no one volunteered yet to sub in that language.

As for myself I like it that some Kdrama is subbed in Hangul because I’m learning Korean and that way I can practice my reading and improve my reading speed.

Yay! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. I found it difficult to sub because I had to open so many tabs for cross referencing the raw videos. Thanks for the info!

Omg thanks so much! This helps me get the picture much better. And me too! I find that reading along with the subs helps me learn the language much much better!