[Chinese Titles] GoChinaTV Shows: Recruiting Segmenters, Chinese-English Subbers

Hi all,

We just launched 3 new Chinese titles, and the Channel Manager is actively recruiting team members, including segmenters and Chinese-English subbers.

The Magic Bowl
Synopsis: Can a kind and honest man pick himself up off the streets and achieve the highest level of success? Shen Wan San (Dicky Cheung) is a kindhearted, honest man who barely has enough food to be able to feed himself on most days. But he manages to turn himself into the richest businessman during the Ming Dynasty, all while maintaining his cheerful disposition. How does he do it? “The Magic Bowl” is a 2013 Chinese drama series.

Synopsis: When evil monsters invade the Earth, only a special group of chosen Wuxia warriors – all with a special mark on their hands – can save the day. They must come together to defeat and capture the king of “Zeros” (Lings) and seal his tomb. Can the legendary heroes, known as Shalen, return peace to their world? “Shalen” is a popular 2014 Chinese anime series in its fifth season.

The Story of Science Museum
Synopsis: Imagine finding out that there is a whole advanced world of technology that you never knew existed before! Ah Di Li (Xi Er Zha) belongs to a group of Chinese ethnic minority who haven’t had much first-hand experience with modern technology. After discovering the wonders of the science museum, Di Li makes it his second home and explores and learns about everything that technology is able to do. Di Li and his friends then decide to use science to solve the many problems they face in their daily lives! “The Story of Science Museum” is a Chinese drama series.

Please PM the Channel Manager, szandra, if you’re interested in joining the teams!