Chinese to English translators needed for new channel M.I.C (music)

Hi !
I just started a new artist channel for the Chinese group M.I.C so I’m looking for moderators, segmenters, subbers of any language.

I need Chinese-English translator to start, so if you’re interested message me !

Besides, any help is welcome :wink:

Even if you can’t join the team, come to watch their MVs

Well, I hope you’ll join me.
Have a nice day !

Hi . If you need i can translate From English to Arabic .

Hi ! I’m glad you’re ok to help, I add you ! Wanna be Arabic moderator ?
We need Chinese-English to start so I think you won’t have much to do before we find someone :wink:

I can help to segment but send me link

Oh, you’re right ! Here’s the link :
Thanks for your help, I add you as segmenter then !

hi!! the link isn´t working

Hi ! you’ll be able to see it soon since it’s newly created

i get it. I´ll start when the channel is ready

Thank you so much !

Hi, I’d like to help. I can subbing from English to Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you.

Hi, thank you, your help is welcomed !

Hello. If you need me to translate from English to Vietnamese

Hi, thanks for your help, you’re welcome !

Ok , thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey , I can do english-portuguese , so if you need a hand … :slight_smile:

Hi ! Thank you so much !

No problem :wink: I have seen some mv’s and i really don’t enjoy their songs , but i will be very happy if i could of any kind of help .
Good luck , also i got tell ya , they know how to dress up ! xD

Haha, yeah they know how to dress up !
And I really like their songs, they’re pretty good :slight_smile:
So, thanks for your help :smiley:

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Up, still looking for Chinese/English team members :wink:

Hi! I can sub Chinese- English and fill in the Chinese hard subs, if that’s okay with you. ^^