Choi Ho Dol, Joo Won Suk, Episodes 21-32 Times in Love With Flaws

Ep21 Nothing.

Ep22 24:17 Joo Won Suk asks his younger brother about where is the tutor Choi Hol Dol. Answer is that Dol didn’t explain.

Ep22 27:12 Joo Won Suk at the bar sees video of evil gay subjecting Choi Ho Dol to ridicule.

Ep23 9:33 Joo Won Suk remembers earlier conversation with younger brother about Choi Ho Dol not showing up. Cause becomes clear.

Ep23 17:26 Choi Ho Dol is met while going to class by Joo Won Suk. Choi Ho Dol has a hat on hoping he isn’t recognized. Suk asks why Dol doesn’t break from a class and let the whole thing be forgotten in a couple days. Dol explains his parents work very hard so he can go to class and Dol isn’t going to waste their money. This impressed Suk.

Suk then shows up at Dol’s class and boosts Dol spirits and Dol is more comfortable with being out.

Suk confronts evil gay afterwards and makes it clear that he will react angrily. Now this is somewhat strange. All Suk needs to do is tell evil gay’s friends that evil gay is gay, and evil gays world would be imploded. I am not sure why any other threat is needed. This is also why a gay person, evil or otherwise, would never cause this type of problem, because it would bring attention to them.

This also brings up the topic of when the gay community approves of exposure. When a gay person is active in an anti-gay organization or a legislator advocating anti-gay legislation or an individual actively harming the gay community exposing that person is quite accepted. The evil gay person in this movie would certainly qualify to be exposed at least in America. I don’t know if this happens in Korea.

This whole thing is a BL type thing where the stronger gay person protects the weaker gay person.

Ep24, 25 Nothing.

Ep26 2:16 Dol explains to Suk that evil gay apologized. Suk is somewhat aloof from Dol. Dol goes home with movie star Park Seok Min (sp?). Suk gets very jealous. Hilarious episode where Suk shows up to retreive Dol from min.

Ep27 20:30 Joo Won Suk takes Choi Ho Dol to a place to eat drink and talk. When Choi Ho Dol returns to his aparment it turns out that his faither had been waiting for him to talk. They talk. Father leaves abruptly. You have the sense the father knows something.

Ep28 5:02 Choi Ho Dol goes to see Joo Won Suk at his house since he has no one to talk to about his father. Suk comforts Dol and explains his own coming out story and the attempted suicide.

Ep29 Nothing.

Ep30 10:23 Joo Won Suk waits for Choi Ho Dol to come out of his place to ask why he didn’t show up to tutor. Dol is wearing a mask to cover up that he was struck by his father. Suk discovers this. Suk wants to do something for Dol to make him feel better after having been hit.

Ep30 12:49 Joo Won Suk’s older brother sees the Canadian rockies picture and wishes he could rip it up.

Ep31 13:18 Joo Won Suk meets up with Choi Ho Dol and accidentally dunks Suk’s wallet in the water. When drying the wallet contents out he thanks Suk’s father for allowing suk to have a wonderful life. Later Dol delivers the picture of the Canadian rockies to Suk’s older brother at the dealership and Dol rips it up as the part of the delivery. Suk’s older brother asks if it is because of Dol that he ripped the picture and it is.

In real life, given that Suk is very attractive and works in a gay bar, he would have a tremendous amount of contacts and would be popular and a good social support network. The barriers he would face in meeting someone is shared interests and class, but those are not so fixed in the gay community like the straight community. Suk would easily find a thoughtful, nice person who would be likely attractive also. He would accept himself entirely without needing to be saved by Dol.

Also, Dol and Suk aren’t shown in a gay network. Suk doesn’t take Dol to a gay party or dinner or other social function. Given that Suk works in a gay bar, he would get many, many invitations.

This is also a little bit an anti-gay story line that there is this gay world of all looks and lacking depth, and into it Choi Ho Dol, though lacking looks, with his authentic innocent self gets the really good looking guy.

Dol may not be a looker, but some guys would find him cute and some guys might be dating around, but they have a seperate check list for boyfriend material as it is called, and Dol would fit that list and be on the top of some gay guys list. Suk is smart, good looking, but it isn’t like he is the greatest prize to find in the gay community.

Ep32 4:46 Choi Ho Dol’s father grabs the phone to ask Joo Won Suk whether he likes Chestnut type sweet potatoes or pumpkin sweet potatoes. Suk answers chestnut. The father has accepted Dol being gay and now is concerned that Dol has a good boyfriend.

Once parents accept their gay child they can sometimes try to get involved in making sure that they are dating a good person as they do with their straight children. Note to parents of gays, don’t do this.

When I visit South Korea I am going to make sure that I eat sweet potatoes there. They are sold on road sides and other places roasted. Here in Dallas, I am going to see where I might find Korean sweet potatoes. Americans have just one type.

Ep32 20:44 Joo Won Suk declines Park Suk Min’s invitation to a party, then discovers that Choi Ho Dol has since there is a chance he can meet members of boy band high-seven. Party is a dud. Joo Won Suk calls and retrieves Dol from the party.

Ep32 25:54 Choi Ho Dol’s father sends lots and lots of sweet potatoe. It is beginning to be a problem of eating them all and finding people to give them to. It also implies that Dol and Suk are a couple.

Ep32 32:26 Choi Ho Dol and Joo Won Suk are shown as a couple talking about something they went to. Choi Ho Dol talks about a recent home visit that went well and felt that his family supported him.

I think it would be popular with gay people to have an official Viki segment with the Dol Suk story line as something to view without having to watch the 32 episodes.

Finally, it was with the greatest sadness that I learned that Cha In Ha, who plays, Joo Won Suk, committed suicide in real life.

Sadly this one died too. He was forced to get married by his family and wanted a divorce but the wife and family refused and he was doing so well in a ‘‘Broadway like play’’ as a woman, and he was so overcome with grief from the attacks from the ex female fans that he committed suicide. A wonderful human being, caring, loving and they drove him to suicide.

Image result for Haruma Miura

Image result for Haruma Miura

Haruma Miura was a Japanese actor and singer.

Born: April 5, 1990, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, Japan

Died: July 18, 2020, [Minato City, Tokyo, Japan]

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