Choi Siwon (최시원) - Official Thread

Welcome to Choi Siwon (aka Siwon)'s Viki Discussions thread! Chat and post about the lovable Super Junior member here!

BIO: Choi Si Won, also known simply as Siwon, is a popular South Korean singer and actor. Born on April 7, 1986, he is best known for being a member of the boy band Super Junior and its Mandopop subgroup, Super Junior-M. Siwon was scouted in front of his high school at the age of 16 and asked to audition at a casting call. He secretly auditioned and only told his parents after he had passed. Although he was being trained as a solo artist, Siwon debuted as part of the 12-member Super Junior in 2005 after he had already had a few minor roles in television dramas. In addition to his music activities, Siwon continued to act in films and television dramas in both Korea and in Chinese-language productions, gaining acclaim for his acting. Siwon is so popular in China that he is one of only four South Korean artists to be featured on a Chinese postage stamp! A few of his most memorable television drama roles include “History of the Salaryman” (2012) and “King of Dramas” (2012).

FUN FACT: Tony Bennett’s “The Way You Look Tonight” has been his favorite song for 15 years.

Can’t say enough about how good he is.

I admire this guy so much. With each drama he gets better and better. Plus he’s got such a nice voice.

He’s the one that made me like Kpop. I discovered Super Junior thanks to him and Kpop in general… He is special to me ! :slight_smile:
He’s a great guy ! I just wish him to be happy and to have a wonderful life !


He’s the derp king in my opinion.
I mean,

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It is interesting he can do a variety of countries. Most actors can only speak one language while he speaks a couple or more fluently.

Did you see the letter he wrote to ELFs about a month or two ago? He wrote it in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese with a beautiful handwriting in all languages. I grew up using Latin letters but his writing is far more beautiful than mine ^^
But to be honest especially K-Pop idols get lessons in serveral languages, so there are more idol-actors able to communicate in multiple languages.

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No I didn’t see it, can you post a link?

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Waw? How can his handwriting be this beautiful. :open_mouth:


where is he now what is he doing?

He is in military service as conscripted policeman. He still has 283 days left to serve his country.

This is an other letter for the 11th anniversary

basicly we are #WaitingForSiwon :slight_smile:

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