Chris Wang (宥勝) - Official Thread

Welcome to Chris Wang’s Viki Discussions thread! Talk and post about the popular Taiwanese actor and host here!

BIO: Chris Wang is a popular Taiwanese actor and host. Born as Wang You Sheng on June 9, 1982, Chris Wang has always had an adventurous streak in him, taking a job in Australia for a summer during college and biking across the Australian desert. He used that sense of adventure to break into show business as host of the popular Taiwanese travel show “The King of Adventure,” for which he traveled to more than 20 countries. Chris Wang has since starred in many popular television dramas, including “Aim High” (2014), “Love Family” (2013), “Inborn Pair” (2012) and “The Fierce Wife” (2010). In late 2014, Chris Wang admitted to being engaged to his manager, Lin Yi Xian, and they are expecting a baby in 2015.

FUN FACT: On October 26, 2014 Wang admitted to his relationship with his manager 31 year old Lin Yixian, Wang disclosed that he and Lin are engaged and expecting a child together due in early 2015.

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