Christmas time

Just curious; anyone celebrate Christmas here?

Of course!
Apart from religions like judaism, islam, buddhism or atheism that don’t celebrate it normally, I don’t know which part of the world don’t celebrate it.

This topic talk about 6 countries that don’t celebrate Christmas because of the dominant religion there:

It’s interesting to know!

I’m going to celebrate it this year with “Secret Santa”: we have 1 secret santa among family and friends and we are the secret santa of one.

For kids though, it might be too sad to only have 1 secret santa when it’s their 1st or 2nd Christmas, so it can’t work for kids, but for adults, it is nice.

It’s the occasion for family and friends to gather so it’s really important for us because we are all busy in our life and some of us are living far away.

Will you celebrate it?

yes of course, and got my name to do secret santa. Love it! oh and thank you for that link, good to know, going to check it out in a bit.

very interesting!!

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This will be the saddest Christmas for me and my family since (my only 71 yrs old aunt), sadly a heavy smoker went for open heart surgery ( heart affected by her heavy smoking), and we’re just waiting for a much needed Miracle or that the LORD ends her suffering and receives her with open arms in Heaven. Please, I’m asking for prayers bc I do believe that Christmas is the time for Miracles and rejoicing.

Wishing you all to have a blessed christmas celebration full of blessings, happiness and joy.


prayers going up!! and yes a time of miracles