Chun Mei or Haru, new period drama from TTV premiered last week

Hello there, this is my first post in the discussion board, so please be easy on me. Well i wanted to spread the news that a new period drama from TTV has just premiered last week, its name is Chun Mei or also known as Haru, it tells the story of a girl becoming nurse and bearing hardships during Japanese colonization of Taiwan in 1920s, of course it is just a very short summary as the story looks some kind long. It airs at 8.00 pm local time. I’ve seen the first episodes and, wow that drama is very good, i really hope it soon gets subbed by viki. If anybody is interested here are a couple of pics.

[New] I think it would be proper to post the official trailer for this drama. Hope all of you enjoy!. (Note: it worth to watch in its entirety.)


I submitted the channal for Haru. So we only need waiting the channel approvaled. :slight_smile:


Hello there. Yay! its great to see that it might be soon being picked up by viki, although not confirmed yet. Anyway, it might be odd for a boy (like me) who enjoys dramas to have this kind of request.

Why would it be odd that a boy enjoying the dramas? You are not alone, but many people do not undertake openly. Or, does that mean that you have good taste! :smile:

When I get information about this drama from the VIKI staff, I will write to you!

I don’t know why other men aren’t so outspoken to say they like dramas. Although i had some other fellow classmates who also said that they enjoyed them. Thank you for mentioning about me having good taste. :slight_smile: i’ll be looking forward to get news from this drama, so far i still watch it on TTV and let met tell you, although i commend that the trailer is good, it doesn’t show how good this is getting. After watching a couple of episodes it reminded me watching a pre-2000 miniseries, so classy!. I haven’t seen a show like this in ages. Best regards.

This drama had just ended a couple of days ago and still not any news about its subs. What a great story i enjoyed it all. Hope it gets translated soon or get some attention from viki staff. Cheers everyone.

I really really recommand this drama as a Taiwanese person
it is actually a Taiwanese Soap Opera with content related to Japanese colonia era of Taiwan
beside it reflects on a very improtant part of our history
It is also the only Soap Opera that is Actually GOOD in Years