Cinderella With Four Knights Discussion Thread


Hi everyone~
Cinderella with 4 Knights seems to be really popular right now. Although we couldn’t get a salience for it :cry: if we work hard enough, we can always get a late license. (Better late than never).

Anyhow, I was wondering what you guys think of the plot and characters so far and who you ship. I initially shipped Ha Won and Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jungshin, aka the love of my life) but Hyun Min is also precious and the butler is too.

I actually have a weird feeling about the butler and the chairman’s new wife…

There’s so much to talk about but I’m going to wait and see what you guys think first ^~^

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The show is cute but too obviously predictable. For a while we didn’t know with which of the two brothers the girl will end up (either Hyun Min or the rebel guy I don’t remember his name). But since the rebel guy has been the first to save her, and since the shower scene in the pool, I think she has feelings for him and the playboy guy is going to end up with the beautiful girl who loves him since childhood. So we are at ep.6 and we already know how it’s going to end, so part of the interest is gone.
I feel that they really could have done better to choose a more good looking actress. This one, although sweet, is plainer than plain compared to the two gorgeous guys. And it’s not that she’s that good of an actress that they HAD to choose her, I mean there are dozens of Korean actresses who could pull this off very well if not better.

Another cliché:
Where did her martial arts skills go when the school bullies dragged her to the studio room? As always, the heroine is shown as spunky and capable in the beginning, overpowering several men, and the moment some male appears she becomes utterly helpless, her fighting skills completely forgotten - so that the man can save her. This is true for Coffee Prince, Bromance, Bring it on Ghost and maybe I’m forgetting some.

All in all, a pleasant one time watch, while waiting for the next episode of W. Nothing more, and completely forgettable. Not even worth discussing much about, in my opinion.


Ah it’s enjoyable enough but silly and way too cheesy. I watch for the laugh no thinking involved just escapism.


Yes, exactly. As they say in India, “time pass”.

I just see it for the story line rather than love line since ending already is in the picture.

  • Cinderella doesn’t know her real father. So there may be a twist whereas she could be the grand-daughter of the chairman. If that happens, there shouldn’t be any shipping lol.
  • Chairnan just married his fifth wife. Consider that each wife give him 1 child so he ends up with 3 grandsons. What happen to fourth wife? Could she related to Cinderella? Well it might just be nothing here.
  • So far you only see 3 knights and Cinderella, the fourth knight of course is the secretary. From what I see, chairman’s fifth wife and secretary (not butler) are mother and son. Hence, she wants to get the heritage for her son.
  • Out of all 4 knights, who do you think would be best to take control of the company? I choose the secretary if chairman consider him as stepson.

I watch this while do my own thinking and read comments from other discussions lol. This drama is the best right now for weekend drama compare with the 3 tailors and our gap soon. Overall, look forward to it to see if any of my prediction true.

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That part really frustrated me! No matter how I looked at it, there was no logical reason for the way she was acting. Lazy writers >.<

I don’t know about this. The role isn’t a very demanding one, so I guess anyone could pull it off, but I feel like the “spunk” really suits Park So Dam. I feel like it if another actress had to go around beating up boys, she’d still have a sort of cute vibe to her. Idk, maybe it’s just me.

I also feel that Park So Dam’s precense is refreshing because she doesn’t look plastic, which can’t be said for a lot of other actresses. Despite my never ending love for Lee Jungshin (aka Kang Seo Woo in this drama), I wouldn’t have bothered watching the dama if there was a different lead actress.

@azn_vn I think the chairman's new wife is the secretary's mom, even though she looks pretty young. She was definitely hinting at having him be the heir to Haneul Group

Sorry but i really really do not get this type of thinking. WHY does the lead have to be a model like girl? ( i think she ia beautiful the way she is anyway) Isnt the point of The Cinderella story that it shouldn’t matter what kind of status and look that you deserve to love and to be loved? In addition if every “normal” role (i mean beside the roles where they play “ugly girls”) needs to be played by a gorgeous actress, what about actresses like her? She shouldnt get the role even though she is nailing it ? I personally think she is very well suited for the role. I wish one day we would stop putting women down because they don’t fit into a certain category. She is very cute and does a great job. :slight_smile:

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Yes, but it’s an escapist fantasy thingie. Then, following your reasoning, why did they put those male leads there, looking as they do? They should have put regular guys. Of course, then it wouldn’t have made much sense that all girls were swooning after them. (Well, they could have said that girls could have been swooning because of their status and money).
And how come everyone in the house is attracted to her from day one, before really getting to know her?
BTW, Cinderella in the fairy tale had low status but she is described as very beautiful. The whole point is that, dressed in rags and covered with ashes, nobody thought she was anything, but once washed and dressed, she sparkled and everyone stopped to notice her the moment she entered the ballroom. Was it only the dress? I suppose in a princely ball there would be many lovely dresses, although not fairy-made. So it was her beauty. That’s why the Prince immediately takes notice of her at the ball. Do you think that he had the time to ponder on her personality, IQ and conversational gifts when he asked her to dance again and again?
Whereas this one, even when she puts on the lovely dress, is just as she was with her exercise clothes. And the short hair doesn’t help at all.
Again: it’s a fantasy fairy tale, although it takes place in modern times. And I think that choosing a plain girl is on purpose, as they always do in k-drama, so that the women in the audience can fantasise “Oh, if she got that gorgeous male to love her, then so could I”. But this time they overdid it.
The actress? There could be so many other roles in which she could be good. But in this particular one, there is particular stress on the fairy tale aspect and in my opinion they could have chosen a good looking one.
For instance, the “Coffee prince” girl: she wasn’t that gorgeous either, but the male lead was rather normal looking (he did have a killer body, though), so the couple was believable.
Again, please remember that in other dramas, the heroine has more time to grow on the hero, they go through stuff together etc. In this case, everybody is a bit smitten with her maybe not from the first day, but quite quickly nevertheless, which is in no way realistic.

And, as I said, she “nailed” it as well as countless others could “nail” it. It wasn’t such a difficult role, apart from the martial arts beginning - but I’m sure it’s not so rare to find a woman who has such skills.

Of course, you are free to disagree. :slight_smile:

I get where you are coming from and of course everyone has a different perspective of what beauty is. She for me looked gorgeous when she had that dress on at the wedding and i dont think short hair makes girls ugly. As you said this is a modern day drama so the idea of a beautiful woman who has to have long hair isn’t necessary anymore. I would love to have other options in front of me though because right now I can’t see a different actress in that role. Do you have any in mind?

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I’ve seen a lot of Korean actresses in spunky, sassy roles, the latest being the Bring it On Ghost girl who not only was lovely to look at, but also very cocky: she took no shit from anybody and knew how to fight.
But there are lots, some of them really good actresses too. I have a bit of trouble with Korean names, I can’t for the life of me remember more than 4-5. See, for me it’s just a bunch of syllables without meaning, whereas for Koreans each one means something so it’s easy to remember.

Re short hair. There are some women who are better with short hair than with long. I do know some in real life. But - in my opinion, of course - they are the exception to the rule. This particular actress, in other pictures, has long hair and is far prettier.

Medium hair here:

and here:


and here:

If not long, shoulder length is not bad. Only that shoulder length is what 90% of Korean actresses have, so it’s quite common.

As for short hair, in my opinion as always, it goes well with jeans and stuff, definitely not with long ball puffy princess style dresses. The one she war of course was a miniskirt from the front, so it wasn’t that bad, but the back was like a wedding dress train, and it was white, so it did give the impression of a debutante at the Vienna ball - therefore the short hair was completely ruining the whole effect.
I can see short or semi-short hair with '20s and '30s dresses, even if long evening dresses. You know, slim and straight line, maybe with high slit, with long red nails and heels, femme fatale-ish. Which of course is totally not her style nor character in the drama, so it’s out!

@irmar @dramaaaaa Personally, I find Park So Dam to be gorgeous, especially in the first picture in Irmar’s post, but I do agree with the fact that her hair didn’t match the wedding dress she wore. Considering how rich they are, I’m sure Hyun Min could have arranged to give her some decent extensions to match the feminine feel of the dress.

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is with Kdramas. Most popular Kdramas would have terrible viewer ratings if they were more realistic. (If you know any realistic kdramas btw, I’m always open for suggestions. It’s nice to watch something where I’m not constantly yelling about how fake it is >.< )

Well, my first picture was with shoulder length, which, I agree, suits her very well.

When I say “not realistic”, I don’t mean that I expect full realism from a k-drama. Japanese ones tend to be better in that respect. But, you know, just a semblance of outward realism. I don’t mind improbable situations, because you know, in reality the strangest things happen, even stranger than in dramas - but when it’s one thing after the other, it gets too much.
You might like My Dear Sister, a Japanese drama about… ehm, two sisters. There is a non-realistically perfect man there, but this is a welcome change after the ones we usually meet in real life.
And KBS drama specials tend to be much more realistic. There are three collections here at viki.
Some of them have a really sad ending, if you are interested I can point out to you the ones who don’t.
For instance, A Taste of Curry, Bride in Sneakers (one of my favourites). They are all in Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 1.

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this one was good and cute, loved the actors & actresses, they played their parts well. just wish there were more shows like this, oh I know I can look, thats not it. this could have had so many different endings@ but I did like this one. would have liked it to find out what happened to the rest, especially the butler /secretary guy

I stopped watching it when I realized neither Seo Woo or Ahn Jaehyun’s character (the playboy, I forgot his name) would end up with the female lead.

I wanted the orphan to end up with Nayeon but that didn’t happen either. :sob: