City Hunter VPN region

Anyone know which VPN region I can get City Hunter on? Can’t seem to find one anywhere. I’m out of Australia. :o)

Nobody will give you a reply, as it is against Viki policy to use vpn, so we might get banned or something (at the very least comments deleted)

The best question would be: Does Viki still have the license for it? Anyway, the drama isn’t available in Europe. I don’t think it’s ever been…

Thanks irmar. Never even thought of that. Looks like I will have to miss that one. :o)

Tks Adrian. I’ve tried most of the major countries and cant get it, so looks like it will have to go in the, ‘can’t watch that one, bin’. :o)

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I hope you’ll find something else to watch.

OR you can go “elsewhere”. Places where region restrictions don’t exist.

Watched it on Dramafever before they disappeared (LOL) but now the license is no longer available in our area. Just like Monster which was suddenly removed from Viki without any warning :frowning: I have watch both of these dramas more than once.

City Hunter is no longer available in US too I think. No notice of this!!! I know it was licensed in US because I worked on it.