[Closed] Can only watch KOCOWA titles

For a WEEK now I have only been able to watch KOCOWA titles on my Chromebook. I have contacted VIKI and there answer is that they will get to it sometime, and in the meantime, watch on another device. As if I have another device. I don’t understand why I could watch these titles a week ago, but not now. Definitely not a problem on my end, as others have complained of this problem. I am paying for this service, the WHOLE service, not just some titles. I would appreciate a quick fix to this.

Hi @ahriah, the respective team at Viki has been made aware of the issue as you have also let us know about this problem via a Help Center ticket request. As our customer experience team shared with you, the problem is still being looked into at the moment. We definitely hope to have this fixed for you soonest, and appreciate your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Our customer experience team will continue to be in touch with you with the latest updates.