Closed IS moved


CLOSED in favor of new showing


That’s 23:00 CET, a bit late if you work early.

Are you watching one episode per day or more?


Waiting for your answer to @bozoli’s question.

As soon as you click the trailer links, they’ll open directly in the Viki App. If you’d like to remain in your browser view, hold the link, and select from the pop up menu. After you select either new tab group, or new tab, check✓ the desktop view on your browser, of the newly opened tab. You’ll need to repeat this action, for each tab.

I might pop in on a Tuesday, no promises. Maybe two hours earlier will work? Ask the gang, gang. :wink:

@bozoli, @sweethope,
It’s always a quick watch when it comes to C-Dramas. They normally run 35 to 40 miniutes per episodes, minus the intro, and the outro. These are normally skipped.


I intended to watch 3 per day. I can run it earlier also. What time is better for you guys in CET?


That’s why I was asking about the number of episodes. If it were just one per day, one hour earlier would be fine for me. But since it’s three, I think it would be too early for folks in PT timezone to start at 2 PM for example. I’m also not sure if other CET people would be interested and it’s silly to change anything for just one person. So, instead I wish you happy watching :blush:


Yes, happy watching!
I would like to watch the show, but three episodes for three days in a row is a lot and three episodes at 23:00 CET is too late for me especially during work days. So I’ll just watch it on my own in my own pace. No worries. Enjoy the watch.