{CLOSED} Korean Drama: Chief Segmenter, Segmenters and Korean-English subtitlersv


I’m Mary, the Channel Manager for the Korean drama “Monthly Magazine Home.”
Monthly Magazine Home

It is expected to come with English subtitles.

Our team needs segmenters (they have to be graduates from NSSA) and a Chief segmenter to check and edit the segments.
Also, we need Korean to English subtitlers and a Translation Editor to check and correct the English subtitles.

We’ll be happy to have you on our team! Kindly send me a message. Mary


Hi, Mary! I have a question. So, the Translation Editor must know Korean too or they just need to proofread the subtitles that are already in English? I’m new around here, so I was just curious about that. :slight_smile: Hope you find what you’re looking for pretty soon. Have a nice day ahead!

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I’m not Mary, but since this is general knowledge here, I will reply until she does.

The Translation Editor must know perfect Korean and decent English. S/he checks whether the translation is correct meaning-wise.
The English Editor and Chief English Editor are the ones who, sure that the meaning is correct, now turn their attention to the English grammar and syntax, and make the language natural and flowing. Knowing a bit of Korean is nice but not essential. But they must know excellent English.


Thanks for replying. I just saw the message :sweat_smile:
I do agree with you. Maybe I should have written it more clearly.


Thank you for the brief explanation. Very helpful! :smiley:

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Thanks for replying anyway. I was just curious about that. I’ve been learning Korean too, but I’m not still in the level of being able to proofread it. I will get there! :smiley:


Good luck!!!

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Sent you a message.

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I saw it. Check your inbox. :slight_smile:

hellooo ive sent you a message about korean to English translators :blush: