[Closed] Painted Skin (C-drama) Only 9 episodes left to complete! Recruiting subbers & segmenters!

Subbing updates: Episodes 1-10 are 100% subbed. Episodes 11-13 are over 90% subbed. Thanks to our great team! :smiley:

Still searching for Chinese-English subbers & segmenters!

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Updates: Episodes 11-14 are over 90% subbed! :smiley:

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Updates: Wow fast subbing! Episode 15 is already 97% subbed, woot woot!

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This drama looks so interesting :wink:
If you still need help I can translate from English to Polish ^^

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Yes that would be great! Welcome to the team! :smiley:


Im new here. Would like to try subbing from Chinese - English.
Not sure whether you are still recruiting or not.
Do let me know.


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Hey add me to segmenatation part

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Hi @quek_yu_shan, yes we are still recruiting! I will send you a message with more details, welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

Thanks @radhika1990, I will message you with more details. :slight_smile:

Subbing updates: Eps 17-21 are 100% subbed! Our team is FAST!

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All Painted Skin fans, eps 1-25 are complete! We have had some trouble finding subbers who can finish the remaining episodes 26-34. Only 9 episodes left! Any Chinese-English subbers who are interested in joining, please contact me!! Thank you everyone for supporting this channel!!

hi! I can translate from english to german and to French if you want.

I can translate form english to spanish and I’m working on french too! So let me know if I can help in something.

I can translate english to french if you want :slight_smile: send me a PM :slight_smile:

I can do Vietnamese part and some segment too.
Let me know when you need me.


Hi everybody :slight_smile: I would like to help with subbing~ I am a native speaker from Hong Kong and can do english-chinese subtitling.

Puedo segmentar y traducir de ingles a español.

Hi! I can translate from Eng to Romanian, if you want.