[Closed] Please change Love Me If You Dare's ratings to R


Who on earth decided that Love Me If You Dare was okay for 13-year-olds?
There’s so much torture, bloodshed, crimes against men women and children, gun violence, knife violence, a man shirtless and brutally scarred and multiple usage of the f-word. There has to be a mistake here.
That ‘Rated 13+’ gives me creeps every time as I see violent scene after violent scene. It has to be rated R. It’s as violent (if not more) than Flower of Evil, which is rated R. They had even blurred graphic content on FoE which is not the case here. None of the blades, wounds or dismembered body parts have been blurred or concealed.
I rely on ratings a lot and I think others do to, so please, please change it.


@vivi_1485 We’ve responded to the note you sent to us separately! ICYMI :slightly_smiling_face: