*CLOSED* Problem to enter on disqus


Hii everyone :heart::heart: I don’t know how to enter on disqus. It bothers me because I have to delete some messages and I don’t know how! I tried entering with my password and my username of viki, but it didn’t work. Have you some advices? I even create another profile, but it’s useless. Generally, when I have to give an answer to someone in the comments of viki, I do it through the app,but I would prefer to use disqus. Thank you in advance,


Do you mean the comments in team discussion section? Eventually you can only delete them there when it is integrated witih VIKIs subtitle tool.


Normally when you log into Viki disqus will be available to you. If that is not the case you need to check above the comments on the right site, if your ID name is visible you can I think you only need to click on it.

Should there be any problem you might need to contact Viki, I had one or two problems with disqus as well but that has been some time ago.
Comments, if I am not wrong are only editable about 6-7 days.
I don’t if this helps and it’s not the last possibility


Thank you :kissing_heart::rose: Fortunately, now it works. ^-^