[Closed] Unable to post comments on River Where the Moon Rises


All my comments are getting deleted when I comment on River Where the Moon Rises. Anyone know what is going on?


try logout and delete cache or do disk cleanup, login and see if it works again… if you still have trouble try the help center and go to community and you can create a post and wait for the staff to help you. Sometimes it’s a bug only.


Hiya @smywu_66!

The comments section on Viki is powered by Disqus. To ensure Viki remains a safe space for all Viki fans, we use a combination of Viki’s and Disqus’ filters to comb through all comments in order to catch anything that shouldn’t be posted. Such automatic filters are sensitive and can sometimes wrongly identify comments that are not in violation of Viki policies.

As a result, your comment(s) might have been picked up by these filters and sent to the moderation queue (not deleted), pending action from the Viki team. Don’t worry, we review this section often, and your comments should typically be published within 24-48 hours as long as it adheres to our Comment Policy.

For more information about this, have a look at Why was my comment deleted?