[Closed] Viki Pass Standard shows not playing

Is anyone else having the problem that only Vikipass Plus with Kocowa titles play, but Vikipass Standard titles won’t load? This has been happening the last few days to me. Very frustrating. And of course, Viki is very difficult to contact and get an answer or a fix.

Well, what else to say, Kocowa is the reason there is such a thing called Viki Pass Plus …

Do you think this is a helpful answer? I’m saying that not all titles play for me now, even though I pay the highest amount so I can watch all titles. This issue only started a few days ago for me. Before I could watch all titles.

Sorry, I think I didn’t understand your question the right way, don’t know why …

There are places you can check if there is a general problem:


You can contact Viki via request, they will contact you back, but it can take some time ( no office hours on Saturday and Sunday). I can’t do anything about that it’s a Viki thing, but technical assistance is only possible from them. Here at discussion, we usually talk about all other things. Most of us are no Viki staffers, so we can only help or check out from experience, but this seems to be a technical problem.


Well you didn’t write when you contacted Viki, so I don’t know if it’s the “usual” waiting time or the more than usual time.

Hi @ahriah, we see that you’ve sent a ticket request via the Help Center over the weekend regarding this issue you are experiencing. Our awesome experience team will be getting back to you shortly. Hang tight! :slight_smile: