Clothing style of Wang So from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Hi! So, I know Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo isn’t on Viki, but I’m writing this post just in case others have seen it as well. What I’m interested in is the 4th Prince’s clothing style, or name of his outfit. I am crocheting a doll based off of him, but I’m having trouble with his clothes. I can’t figure out for the life of me where the slits are supposed to be, on both the outer garment (like the vest and coat) and the under garment (or the inner coat?). I do see the slits on the sides, but are there any on the back?
I don’t know much about traditional Korean clothing, I did some research, but I haven’t found the style of his clothes. The drama takes place in Goreyo, and a lot of the pictures of Korean clothing on the Internet are from the Joseon era. If anyone can point me to a website that has information on traditional Goreyo clothing, or if anyone has any information about the way Korean clothes from the Goreyo dynasty are designed, I’d be grateful! thanks in advance :slight_smile:
These are some pictures of the outfit style I’d like to recreate for the doll (they look to be similar, but I could be wrong)

I’ll refer to the second picture since it’s easier. And this is btw just as I understand from searching… ^^
From what I can see, he is wearing a regular hanbok (the greenish part) and the orange part seems to be referred as a “jeogori” (the outer layer of a hanbok, I guess)… Though it seems like it is a “jeonbok” which is a specific type of “jeogori” used by military personnel and is without sleeves!
By looking at the picture, I think the orange jeonbok is only connected at the sides (and only partly, I’d say at the ribs) and that’s why he’s wearing a belt to make sure everything stays the right places.
I hope this helps ;u;


Thank you so much! Your description really does help! :smiley:

I’ve done some internet search for you and apparently this person is a super fan of this drama and was selected as a fervent supporter or something, and ended up receiving the actual outer garment and the belt that Lee Junki wore in Ep. 8, along with the certificate of appreciation for all her work. It’s in Korean but there are a bunch of pictures in the blog. It looks like the slits are on the outer garment on the sides, not on the back.

Here’s another blog. This blogger says she designed Wang So’s clothing and she drew a bunch of them in this blog.

Finally, I see this on sale for Wang So’s childhood clothing.보보경심+려+왕소옷&frm=NVSCPRO&NaPm=ct%3Djqmfw448|ci%3Dd05e5078f149855ca345e0cc9afb6c89a2b9f77f|tr%3Dsls|sn%3D95694|hk%3D8d368b8c43cab409ed2c3e9e9e6417194a972396

Wow, thank you for going through the trouble to help me out! I really appreciate it :smiley: I have been sketching his outfit for a few days now, the pictures help me out a lot :slight_smile:

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I just noticed that my last post shows as empty search when you click on it.보보경심+려+왕소+의상&oquery=&tqi=UvMEolpySEKsstjg5wGssssstql-159544

Try this again and if it’s empty again, cut and paste “보보경심 려 왕소 의상” in the search box and then press enter. Then scroll over to the 5th tab, where it says “이미지” and then you will see all the images.

You are welcome. I haven’t seen this drama yet but I was about to start watching it. Good luck with your little project! Would love to see the picture of your finished product!

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So I finally finished the doll, and I wanted to upload some pictures, but for some reason, the upload wasn’t allowing me to upload it directly to this chat, maybe because it is a jpg file? Anyways, I posted the photo on Instagram, so hopefully it shows up. Thanks to kuromidesu and ajumma2 for descriptions and links to the photos of Wang So’s clothes, I referred to them a lot

Would love to see how it turned out but I don’t do Instagram. :disappointed:

Hmm, let me try again…

I figured out what the problem was, I just needed to resize the picture :smiley: the photo is more compressed so he seems like he has short arms


OMG! It’s adorable!! He does look like the 4th prince! Great job!

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Thank you!! :smiley:

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