CM , Moderator and translators

The drama mentioned here is long one.

I’m talking about short projects


" To assist in the Viki goal " to remove the language and cultural barriers which stand between great entertainment and fans ,” the Channel Manager should facilitate translation from the source language to as many other languages as quickly as is reasonably possible."

Instead of facilitating the translation, the CM is now doing the opposite. For the small languages it won’t matter, but for the big ones it will have huge consequences.


Exactly. We should encourage people to help and not putting a limit that is uncalled for. Isn’t this against Viki rules?


I would think it is.


I’ve never heard of it. Actually, there is a channel ( which I moderated and the cm is a staff, I recruited almost 50 volunteers. I didn’t receive any complain from @amyk. Now @jeslynl is the cm, but at the time it was Amy.


I do believe that Viki’s main purpose is to share the universe of asian dramas to all kind of audiences. And for that to be possible, we volunteer to deliver the best subtitles for each country. It’s unfair to limit this kind of contribution to only a small group of translators when so many of us are deeply passionate about the stories and characters behind it. I hope as a volunteer, that each day, more people can join and make part of this indescribable world of magic, instead of less of us, as Viki desires it to be.




As a member of the portuguese team I’m very upset, because the moderators will have to choose some members and remove all the rest.
I don’t know how other languages mods manage their teams, here we’re used to more than 20 members on historical dramas teams, we have our managing system to handle with such a huge team. I was shocked when my mod said that.


I’ve never heard about this “rule” before, and I can’t think about a reasonable reason for it. I’m a member of the Portuguese Community here on Viki, and I’ve always worked with big groups on the same channel. I don’t recall any problem due to the number of volunteers.

I don’t know why the CM would meddle in that since is the moderator’s duty to manage the team. Quite strange. I wonder how the Spanish community is dealing with this since it usually has lots of volunteers as well.


Maybe she panics that the team discussions are overflowing? Just kidding.
In fact, sometimes we are a bit envious of your possibilities. Our teams form temporary chats on two different platforms for each project we only communicate within.


I, as a member of the Portuguese Community on Viki, have worked in big teams as also moderated big teams, and never eard of that supposed rule and never had problems with the CMs that I worked with.

I don’t think is fair for that team to be changed based on the CM opinion, since she doesn’t work diretly with the team. The moderator/s of that project knows best how to work with the translator for a smothly work.

I believe that we are all here with the same porpose, that is give quality subtitles to people that love as much as us asian shows/movies.


That’s why viki needs to create an academy only to train CMs kkkkkkk


I’ve never heard of something like that before. As a Portuguese Moderator myself, I usually work with this amount of volunteers too. It works well in this way, the episode is translated faster and I usually give opportunity for everyone to translate at least one part.


I’m not sure what is you reality. In portuguese community, if we recruit only 8 subbers (in general), most of them can’t work in viki.
Portuguese is one big community and the moderators give opportunity, so all translators can work in the project. In movies I prefer include one subber per part, in dramas, I think about the general participation.
But 8 subbers as a rule… is a bad think for us that received lots of message asking about volunteering.
Also, the audience ask as soon as possible for the translation.


… and give a one point if it does not come before the English one if possible, lol

It goes against the guidelines.

All members of the Viki Contributor Community must follow the following Contributor Guidelines. The rules listed below span across all roles within Viki’s Contributor Community.

  1. Do not discourage members from participating in your Channel, or on Viki.

That’s exactly what I was thinking about. The CM is an experienced one, but it seems she has her own rules kkkkk


The CM is maybe confused because of this rule and forgot the last part:

You may create individual rules for a channel that you are managing, but those rules may not conflict with the Viki Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or Community Guidelines.


Each community has its characteristics, to portuguese community it´s normal has a big team and the most wonderful thing is that it works very well for us. Although there are many people on the teams, we can translate following a standardization to keep the things flowing. Also, most of our moderators are very efficient on arrange the team in a way that all people can help, the editions are done right after the translation is finished and the standardization is kept.

I hope that all CM can continue respect the way our community works. Our system works, the prove is that normal we are the first or second language to finish the translations.

If some community has a few people on the team and its works for them great, but which works for you don´t necessarily works for us.

Please, respect our way and our community.


That’s it! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: