CM , Moderator and translators

I am part of the team of portuguese translator of a drama.
I received a message from the moderator saying that she would have to keep only 8 translators and exclude the others. Our team has 30 translators.
I would like to know if the CMs can decide how many translators the moderator can put on their team.


Wait what? Why did the moderator recruit 30 people if they only wanted 8?
There are no guidelines in HC saying only this specific number of volunteers can work. What if 7 out of these 8 subtitlers went AWOL, the viewers would explode.

Coming from a tiny language community, it’s a God given opportunity if I get 8 translators on my show.

I am not sure, there must be something that is the reason behind this issue. The CM is a veteran, the moderator is experienced. It’s not right to first recruit and then remove. There must be some reason, did you ask them why?


I’m sorry, but as far as I know, the moderation is the responsible for the recruiting and the number of subbers. Why this cm wants to put a limit??? It makes no sense. The staff asked this? I would ask the staff is this is some rule. I don’t know anything about that.


The cm put the 8 subbers limit. The moderation was told to remove the subbers and stay with only 8. This I find strange.


The moderator is not allowed to add 30 subbers for a 14 ep long drama in the first place.
The subbers limit differs from one drama to another.


Why not? I always do this. And it always works fine. Is there a rule for this?


Says who? The big languages always have a lot of subbers.
Besides, there will be 38 episodes.


This somewhat resembles what the teams looked like back then in Viki’s first years. If an episode had 4 parts there would be 4 main translators and 4 spare translators, no matter how many episodes. But this was years ago, when the community was small. I can’t see the point on having only 8 subtitlers when you can have more hands working on it, even more if it has a lot of episodes.


Oh, I thought it’s only 14! My bad.

Then it’s allowed.

If there’s lot to translate, then 30 is allowed.
Once irmar told me that. The max limit for popular is language is around 25-30.
But that’s only allowed if it’s a very long drama.


But where did you read it’s not allowed if there are less episodes?


I mean let’s take an example.
A movie.
It’s has around 10 parts.
Then 10 subbers would be enough, right?
So that’s why I told, it differs from one show to the other.


Well, to me, it would be plenty since I’m used to small teams. But as far as I know there is no official rule for this. Some moderators even split up parts so that more people can work on it.


Yes, there’s no official confirmation about this.

I don’t remember in which thread she told me, because it’s been a long time since we discussed about this issue.


I would like to clarify that our Portuguese moderator received a order from the CM that she would have to reduce the number of the translators to eight(8) only.
And the Portuguese moderator, sent us(translators) a message saying that unfortunately she would have to exclude some of us.


Out team has 3 experienced subbers and 1 editor. And we are doing just fine.


It doesn’t matter if it works out with smaller number of subbers or not. What matters is that there is never ANY limit to the number of subbers in ANY language for ANY length of the drama.

Subbers may be inexperienced and could only translate 10-20% of one part. The subber that follows perhaps can sub only 80% of that same part. And then a third subber may complete that part to 100%.

But a CM has no right to interfere with the organisation of the other language teams, especially if everything is going smoothly.


Then I would say it’s up to the moderator. It’s none of the CM’s business. The only reasons for a CM to interfere with OL translation would be if someone was breaking any rules. The OL Mods are there to supervise the team for their language. If the CM wants to take that place, we might as well have just one almighty CM and a bunch of subbers.
Besides, if the CM wants to enforce some additional rules, then he/she should at the very least announce this at the very beginning so that anyone applying knows what he/she will be dealing with.


I agree that the CM should not interfere with that.

I don’t agree with adding many subbers for a short project.(I’m not talking about the drama mention in this thread)

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Still, let’s say you have a bunch of new subbers who need training. A short drama or a movie is the best for that and you can train several of them at once :blush:


I guess you and I don’t even have that option. :wink:
But I bet many Portuguese subbers were disappointed not to have been one of those 30. And now another 22 will get disappointed. In the meantime, the viewers will be screaming for Portuguese subs, yet they will have to wait since the amount of subbers is limited.