Collections to follow

So I have several collections. I would love followers. Some of my collections are general. This was my first collection that I started because there were a lot I wanted to see and decided to leave them in this collection if they were good.

The next collection I started was the ones that I could not stop watching. I just recently added a drama to it.

I have a few other collections. Some are private because I want to edit them before making public.
This collection was made because I was deciding to go Viki plus or stay standard. When I saw how many K-dramas I wanted to watch, I went to Viki plus.

If you have any collections that you want others to check out, feel free to post here!!
Love for you to follow my collections!


You can check out my collections here (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5: hope you find shows you’ll :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: