Color of romance: Looking for Mods

Hi everybody!

I’m Ana, and i’m here to introduce our new Japanese drama: Color of romance

This drama already comes with English subtitles. 6 episodes. Launch: Feb 24, all episodes at once.
Volunteers need to be QC. If you want to be part of the translation team or Mod to your language, please contact me.
Our Chief Editor: kakashiandme
Chief Segmenter: bjohnsonwong

Moderators of other languages: Recruiting QC or Gold QC who are available to fill the role.
Except for the following languages:

  • *Italian --> foxynya
  • *Portuguese–> patriciamirandabh
  • *Spanish --> eun_soo_lee_2 & sita24
  • *Greek --> aristeaval
  • *German --> johannna
  • *Romanian --> danylor

If you have someone to recommend, please let me know by PM.
Thank you very much for reading me :slight_smile:
Have a beautiful week <3

Ana (Aniuz)