Coming Attraction Subtitles and Dates

I’m hoping someone (in a position to know) can answer two questions for me.

Question 1 - If a show is only listed in “Coming Soon,” what does it mean when it’s listed as 100% English?
Question 2 - Why doesn’t Viki list the date for “Coming Soon” shows. In other words… Fabulous Wonderful Show - coming soon (released for subtitling on xx date.

I can give you an answer for Number 1. Number 2 would have to be answered by Viki staff. The reason it says 100% is because there may be a trailer that’s been uploaded and it’s subtitled 100% not necessarily the Episodes since they haven’t been uploaded yet. The percentage is based on what is currently available on the channel. This can be somewhat misleading.


Answer 1: It may be a Kocowa show which comes already subtitled as part of their deal (it happens only with some, not all.
Answer 2: They also probably don’t know. When they do know for sure, you will see the episode thumbnails in gray saying “In 10 days”, “In 9 days” and so on, the countdown.