Coming soon - how long is that usually?

I added a drama to my list a couple of months ago. And it still says Coming Soon and no date when it will be available.
Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to Coming Soon?

It’s available for me. 16 episodes.

In general you should check this:

Is a drama already released in its origin country?

Is there already a channel manager/sub team?

If the above questions are answered with “yes” it depends on VIKI licensing & your region.

The new dramas that I had on my watc hlist with this “coming soon” note used to be available around a few weeks later, sometimes a month. For already relased shows (several year old shows) it’s unclear, how or if they will be available, I guess.

Oh it’s available to you? Usually when it’s not available it says so. Not coming soon… These license agreements really getting on my nerves lol So maybe it’s coming soon to my part of the world then. Is there anywhere to find out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

the drama comes into comign soon, when i am not logged in. if i am it doesn´t show up. i don´t know ehy is have this so

I tested it by opening it in another browser with a vpn and now it’s available and all episodes are showing… I guess you need a fast vpn for this website :confused:

If it’s on coming soon please write the help center here:
There is a bug going around on Viki where drama goes on coming soon for some people while it’s on Viki. I have it with 2 of my new projects but I can see this one just fine. Viki told me they are working on a fix but no idea if they are aware this Kdrama has the issue since it’s an older kdrama.

Thank you for the link. I have submitted a ticket asking why it’s still on Coming Soon as also why there are 2 lines of subtitles in different languages and why I the option to change subtitle appearance (to make my chosen subtitle appear above the korean) is disabled.

Do any of you use a vpn for shows not available in your region? Is it a big no-no and you may loose your membership or do viki not care?

Seems it is just a bug then, since this drama should be from 2014 and it would be weird when people who are living in the same country don’t/do see it.

I usually watch all dramas while being logged in and didn’t notice any differences with drama notes while being logged in/out.

i have this issue since months with this drama. but it doesn´t bother me, so i never wrote viki ^^’’

I’m always logged in so I didn’t notice a difference. Now I opened the link in a different browser (logged out and with a vpn for a different country) and voilá - all episodes are available. I logged in and still available for my account + vpn. I will try and watch an episode with a vpn and see if there is a quality loss. If not, it will be doable and all shows will be available yay :grin:

Wait, I’m confused. Why did you put a link to “Secret Love Affair”? This has been available on Viki for a long time. I watched it here a year ago, and it’s still available to me.

Maybe you are in the “wrong” region and it’s restricted for you? This is something different from “Coming Soon”, though.

To reply to your question, some coming soon shows never come. Others come very quickly. There is no hard and fast rule.

i all ways see this drama when i am logout on my phone and this issue is since months. i think it is the same with @stockholmsyndrome


It is probably just a bug as dudie wrote.

@stockholmsyndrome That drama have been on my list for a long time, I just have not got around to watching it, I am right now into my Chinese Historical and Fantasy dramas. But I think after this long period of time maybe it is only 16 episodes, not sure… I forgot I have this on my list until you mention this drama.

Because it says Coming Soon in my account and has been for months. Since several says it’s available to them I then tested with a vpn and now all 16 episodes are visible and I have seen 2 episodes :slight_smile:
So it’s either a bug or it will never be available in my region.

I like chinese fantasy and historical dramas too so that is why I haven’t asked sooner about this k-drama. :wink:

Ah, I’m happy that you got around to watching it. It’s one of the very best ever made, in my opinion. A true gem.

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