Comments section on channels

I wish we had the comments section separated by language like in the previous Viki version. It would make it much easier to socialize with other users and ask questions/find answers.
Also, I do not understand what criteria is used for the order of displaying the comments, to me they always appear scrambled timewise, 5 months then 5 days then 2 months and so on.

I have a feeling this Discussions section might not have been the right place for website feedback but I could not find any way to create a topic in Viki Support > Ask the Community > Feedback for Viki, the text for the “Submit a request” option implies it goes straight to Viki support.

You can select the various viewing options: oldest first, new first or best first. I think yours is on best.

About the separated languages, we told Viki about it before because it’s indeed annoying when you have to go through a lot of comments you can’t read to find one you can.


I agree with you two, it would be best to have both options, select by language and at the same time by oldest, newest, etc…

But I have a question…
Since the Help center seems really weird at the moment, I’ll ask this here…
I can only see the timed comments, anyone with the same problem?
Oh, and…do you have to sign in to the new help center, too?

What do you mean by that?

Nevermind, you don’t see the comment section? I mean, sometimes I just have to refresh a few times for it to start loading, but yeah, sometimes it doesn’t show up.

Don’t know about signing in to help center, but it looks completely down and unaccessible for me right now.

okay thanks :slight_smile:

I agree… It’s annoying having to see foreign languages :X