Comments section unavailable?

Is this a new thing on Viki I’m not aware of, or is there a bug at the The Story of Ming Lan?

The Comments section is completely disabled.

And the Review section is, hence, being abused even more than usual.

Not that I’m aware of, as CM I just went over there and there are comments only an hour old. We had a number of people who posted outside websites and at least one who decided to insult a star of the drama - to the annoyance of the fans.

It may be you are not logged in at Disqus - if you do not see your avatar, you may not be logged in.

Reviews have been abused since before the drama started. :slight_smile: That…is nothing new.

GeNie of the Lamp

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I was trying to clean the reviews up a bit, flag those that were there before the series even started and had nothing more substantial to say except “I know that this show is going to be good”.

But it’s not okay to do that since the Comments are disabled. I’m not even offered to log into the Disqus. There is no button there whatsoever.

Did you check your Cookie Settings?

You have to click on it and “allow all”. If not you will not see comments.
That’s the only thing I can think about right now.


OMG… Yes, that was the problem. And then magically it all appeared. Thank you so much! :smile: I never would’ve thought of it.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: