Comments "Waiting to be Approved by Viki" this morning...!? What gives?

I wrote a comment, and instead of it being normally posted - a little grey message came up saying it was being “Approved” first?

Who is the “approver” and how long does this take - and what’s going on - does anybody know?

Really curious about that - and it seems some other things have “changed” on this site this morning?

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

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Oh, it’s happening to me too, very randomly, every now and then, in the past month. At first I thought it happens when you post a link because they want to check it’s not a link to a competitor website, but then it happened when my post had no links, so I have no idea.

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It happened to me when I used some cuss words or words like “poop,” in the comment. I actually wasn’t cussing at all but it was a comment to other subbers and team members in the Team Discussion board to explain the meaning of certain words/phrases. Whenever I get those gray “waiting to be approved” message, it never gets approved. My work around is to just rewrite my comment and replace those words with other words or use asterisks to mask the actual word. For example, bast***d.

There’s definitely a list of flagged words that will put your comment into moderation.

I usually end up editing and reposting my comment because I have no clue how long they take to be approved. But that requires some guesswork at what caused the comment to get flagged in the first place. “Youtube” might be one, even without links, at least in my experience.

It may not be WHAT we post…it may only be that WE POST. I recognize 1 of you as being yes, a frequent Chinese Drama poster and fan :). Irmar, I have not seen a lot of your remarks other than the discussion board…A couple of us also are volunteers…and one perhaps should surmise this smacks of “Binding the Mouths of the Kine that Tread the Grain”…

Question: Could we be wrongly labeled as “spammers”?

Fascinating. I do NOT remember saying anything with any well, really “pithy” comment.

I DO have one follow up remark here:

Look, VikiLords…I am a human with opinions. I ENJOY interacting WITH other humans WITH opinions.

I also am a HUMAN who has joined your without pay VOLUNTEER herd and since I went this route - early September? I have already hit gold QC. I work as hard as I CAN for no pay.

I KNOW I didn’t say anything that exciting.



Thanks for the heads up though I have to find a way NOW to tell ONE of my teams NOT to use a word that IS being translated that way OR “scum lady”. Holy smokes. Sigh.

the word they cannot use is “b t c h”. And now how to write the note ON MY OWN BOARD for them is ?? if it goes this way and disappears??? seriously?

OR I get to “correct” a million different versions of “scum lady” variations. (ROLLING EYES).

I was about to write exactly that instruction - when “this” word in Chinese shows up, PLEASE give us “wench”. It has similar connotations and will keep us out of trouble.


Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
ONE of the things I HAVE LOVED here is the discussion of dramas…and…
One of the things I hate and would change about the world is the restriction of communication.

Well, I do have 1068 Disqus comments, of which let’s say about 200 -300 might be on other sites, but the majority is here on viki, so one cannot say that I’m not a frequent poster. It may be because you navigate in Chinese seas which I don’t frequent at all.
Here on discussions we can say any curse word we want. Ajumma2 and me had a very interesting discussion on the exact meaning of Korean curse words, and it was all unedited, no problems at all.

Now I’ll be careful to see whenever this editing on the Comments section happens. Or maybe if a member of the staff might give us the rule so that we know.

As for communicating with your team, group messages are also not restricted in any way. And if you use google documents and spreadsheets for guidelines, you can write anything you want there.

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our board broke once already at demigods. i swear, that drama wants to make me work harder than condor did and is doing. yeesh!

yeah we had the “scum lady” and a few other really choice ones today - ended up using wench…which makes sense.

ok. one “translation” left me wondering what on earth they were thinking.

probably late at night somewhere, my guess. anyway - so far my hair HURTS.


yeah. a donut, and a beverage, and sleeeeepppppp!

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I’m confused too because I haven’t posted anything offensive so I would really like to know how this works. I’ve seen so many toxic comments or people down-voting a serie because it doesn’t have the subtitles (YET), now that and the live-comments that are negative and hurtful should be moderated, it’s a LOT of work but why are the friendly or supportive and neutral comments have to wait for approval, as if one has a record of committing a crime? XD I mean if I did wrong I would at least want to know what it was so to improve and do better, I always watch myself from doing wrong, I quite care about keeping the community a safe environment for everyone. I wonder if there will be any plans regarding the control over some comments and if it’ll be clear how and why this “on hold” commenting is happening.