I want to talk about the way comments work on Viki.
I am highly frustrated by the way they work.
You can make timed comments but how do you go back and find your own comments? I am not going to be rewatching episodes, so I will never see those comments again.
I also wish they had a comment section for every episode, I would prefer that over timed comments. At least you can get a discussion going.
I don’t like the idea of just disqus comment space for the whole show, when I want to talk about something in a certain episode it won’t be a spoiler for the people that are watching a different episode!
I really think they need to work out a better system for comments!


There were comment sections for individual episodes before. There were people spoiling the episodes without the respective tag and others got upset. Complaints like ‘The episode was uploaded 15 minutes ago. Why are there no [language] subs?’ All the languages had one comment section to add to the mess.

Timed comments are there to give you the feeling that other people are watching with you and possibly entertain you. Does the opposite as well.


If they want to spoil the show they can in the main comment section? not sure how that makes any difference, everyone knows don’t look at the comments if you haven’t finished watching the episode! They really should separate language comments currently so you can choose what language you want to see the comments! Those type of comments happen in the timed comments anyway? I would be less bothered by the timed comments if you could actually see all your comments and if someone is responding to you? I feel like I am just talking to abyss with the timed comments, it just feels useless to comment as I will never see any responses to my comments, I’m sorry but I just don’t get it!

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I like the timed comments more than the comments section. It is more fun that way. If I want to have a discussion about the drama, I go to MDL. People there are more responsive than Viki that is filled with sub whiners.

I miss timed comments when I watch a show on another platform. They are instantaneous, I like viewing opinions of others on very particular scenes.


This is much worse now that all comments are in one page! Because you have nowhere else to do your spoilery discussions.
At least before, you knew you could safely read the general comments, usually spoilerless, about whether the drama is good or not, on the main page, and then if you read comments in the episode page, it was at your own risk. This was absolutely clear and it worked like a charm. The ones who were upset were the ignorant newbies, and they were quickly put in their place, telling them to not read this page before you watch, if you don’t want spoilers.
We could freely discuss what happened, guess what might happen later and all that. Sometimes posts and replies might have months or years of gap, which is cool! Someone saw a comment you made six years ago and replies, and you replied to him or her. Great fun.
Viki did us dirty here.
Now, with everything on one page, if you are late in watching the show, months or even years after it aired, you cannot interact with the people who watched the same episode, because their comments are buried waaaaay down and you’ll most likely never see them (who has the patience to scroll down that much?!)
It was a definite downgrade. And that’s why, even if I watch a show here, I go to another website I know, which has a separate comment section for each episode, in order to have enjoyable discussions with the community there.


what site do you go to discuss the episode?

There was a way before to check the timed comments, there was an icon to click & show you all the thread of these timed comments with names and time.
there was also a comment page for every episode BUT unfortunately they changed everything with no specific reason imo, we just got the notification about it & that’s it :disappointed: :disappointed:

i agree with everything you said, i wish if they bring the old system back.


that would be so much better! why would they change this!! :cry: :face_exhaling:


Can’t be written here, it is forbidden by Viki rules to mention other streaming websites.