Commercials and skipping in video playback

At the commercial break, I get too many commercials (more than I did a couple months ago). Then sometimes at the commercial break, the video skips back to the beginning of the last segment I just watched. If I try to skip ahead, it plays more commercials and then just goes right back. It happens when I am on my laptop using chrome. Refreshing the page does not help.

one of the girls told that this happened with google chrome but it´s ok with internet explorer

It would be nice if Viki allowed a segment differential where there was four colors for segmenting like the PROFESSIONALS who get paid to segment, caption, subtitle, and set commercials for view do on shows you see on a television broadcast in the United States.
Here is how it is done with the segmenters segmenting the base areas of a given show prior to any captioning and subtitling…then the areas that are captioned or subtitled are broken into small timed segments. The RED ZONE is the areas that are locked by the initial segmentation for Commercials.
INTIAL segmentation set by a head Segmentation Productionist:

  1. GREEN for areas where the characters in the show are speaking to be cationed or subtitled.
  2. Yellow for where there is naration of the show to be captioned or subtitled.
  3. Orange areas where there is music with words to be captioned or subtitled.
  4. Red areas where there is music without words or nothing to caption or subtitle.
    This is locked and cannot be changed by any one else except the Head Segmentation Productionist.
    The areas os 1-3 is where caption and subtitle productionists complete their work.
    Upon fi ishing the captions and subtitles the Head Segmentation Productionist can unlock areas 1-3 for what is called EASE OF FLOW SEGMENTATION. The segmentation of those areas then can be segmented for the readability of the captions or subtitles.

IF… they did that and had the system set for only displaying commercials in the red areas then there would be less complaints since it would appear to be a HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT that fits within the PROFESSIONAL methods of Captioning, Subtitles, and Commercial Segmentation.

SInce VIKI is not a system for Professionals. It is for Volunteers The quality is more than likely geared for financial gain instead of having the highest in quality for overall professionalism. Which is a sad thing since the certificate they provide will not be worth much in getting employed in the Professional World of captions, subtitles, segmentation or overall production.

Sorry VIKI for being critical but it is the honest truth.

Honestly, that’s just too much work for everyone. I’ve done segmenting on a team before, and it flowed just fine. No errors or anything.

The commercials just randomly starting and the video starting at the last segment is probably just due to a bug.