Commercials in Viki

why is it there’s a lot of commercials ? its like dramafever i watch here cause it don’t have much commercials now its not the viki i know it’s more like dramafever . i like the new viki its just that the more its updating the feature there’s commercial.


Viki is free so it has to support itself with ads. It’s only 15-30 seconds. It’s not like it’s taking up your entire drama episode.

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Even though it’s annoying, I’d rather watch a few ads than pay a membership. Viki has no choice, hosting all the vids and paying the server etc is expensive sadly.

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Y r they doing this? :frowning:

15-30 seconds?? it’s 2/3 commercial ads every 10 minutes of drama… ruining the episode.

For watching without commercials, there’s VikiPass. Which for non-QCs there’s a monthly fee.
But if people want a free VikiPass and don’t want to subtitle, there’s also:

  • segmenting (there are never enough segmenters)


  • captioning - which in Subtitle Editor is “English to English
    - or replace English with the original language of the series i.e. “Spanish to Spanish” for telenovelas or Spanish TV series and movies; “Russian to Russian” for (of course) Russian TV series and movies and so on.

Make either 2000 segments or 3000 captions and you won’t have ads anymore. There’s a way out.

Exactly! Great point! Too many commercials and too long.