Comparison between NX and Viki subs


When you say 1; you mean 1 point contribution count? Where can I find the new rules now? I read here that segmenters don’t get credit for adjusting the segments, and I wonder what they gain by doing that. I am glad that when it comes to editing Moderators won’t get CC since some ppl. here took my subtitle added an [a] or a period [.] and my whole subtitle was changed to the person who did that small 1 word editing. It used to give me high blood pressure since there were several moderators obsessed with my Spanish subtitles, and wanted them in their name so they would stalk me plenty of times (I have evidence and submitted some many years ago) they finally did something about that unfair situation going on in here. But I DO hope the good EDITORS do get CC for their work done since editing is a lot of work, and they have to get rewarded somehow.

Yes, exactly - one point of contribution count that will show up as one subtitle on your profile.

Honestly, I have no idea if or where this is posted on the site. I only know this through my own personal experience.

I also agree that it is really unfortunate that segmenters get no credit of any kind for adjusting segments. I really hope that Viki is working on a solution to that behind the scenes, but one never knows.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure these badly subbed shows were not something they produced.

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Interesting to read the comments comparing the Viki and NFLX subs.


I thought the English subtitles for Queen of Tears on N…F… was horrendous, until I realize it was set to English CC. Once I changed the setting to English subtitles, it was definitely better, although still much to be desired. I wonder why English CC is so bad though.

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I think I saw people complain about this on R.d/d.t.
Some people said it was because the English CC is a transcript of the English dub and some say they are translated by different people :woman_shrugging:. I don’t know which one is true, since I never watch dubs (and I don’t check who translates it between the different subs), but yeah the English CC subs are bad.

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I didn’t watch this one specifically, but I know that this is becoming a sad trend in the streaming subtitling world. It’s been a couple of years that I don’t get involved with NX subtitling, but I was offered more than once to be part of projects to other services that I declined because I knew it would be that case, or I withdrew from the project once I realized what was happening (create a subtitle from the dubbed script or audio. Sometimes the audio is out of sync too, so you can imagine the nightmare.)