Computer problem - off topic, I know

I got a problem once in a while when I am moving my laptop, then the plug will get loose and in a good time the battery will be empty.

This is not really a problem since there always has been a warning, that battery is low, but yes again an update of Win 10 was a few days ago. It is gone and I don’t seem to find the option to modify it and even if I go back to standard setting. No warning! Yesterday it shut down at 40% left and a few minutes ago it just went down to zero and off it was.

Anyone has an idea to get the warning back again?

I was at energy settings but to no avail. I am getting desperate, I am not constantly looking at the battery symbol if there is still a plug attached or not, maybe I should, seems to be the only solution for now.


Did you try turning on your notifications?
I’ve turned them off

You’ll find it in Notifications and Actions

To prevent over consumption of battery, you can turn on your battery saver.

I’d recommend going to a professional if your laptop shuts down too early because of battery problems.


It’s not really the battery, normally the screen would get less bright at least that would be something I will notice but well …
I won’t make it anytime soon to the shop, so I guess I will try to at least look at the batt symbol every hour.
Thanks, what is weird yesterday I had the Win 10 screen, and today it is Dell, I don’t know if Dell and Microsoft are working against the interest of the user at this time. Let’s wait if I see the familiar setting again tomorrow or in the next days.


What version of Windows did your laptop have when you first bought it? That can influence what happens, too…
like @shraddhasingh said, turning your notifications on is a good idea. Since it’s shutting down at 40%, you might want to change your settings so it notifies you and turns on your battery saver when your battery touches 50% or 40%
In your battery settings, click that 20% and it’ll give you a dropdown menu so you can choose what % you want your battery saver to turn on.

See if the checkbox is ticked.

If you aren’t getting notifications, check if your notifications are turned on for System Settings


What about putting some chewed chewing gum around the plug? Not the end of it, that goes inside, and don’t make it go deep inside the hole, just a little bit around the outer part and also outside. And also keep it with some strong tape, for good measure.
Not a high-tech solution, but it may work for the moment being.


LOL If you ever encounter a similar problem look carefully at your cable, if there is a little bump or even worse if the metal is showing. Once again there was a cable break, and now I need to check if my battery is broken, or it just doesn’t communicate with the laptop, because the laptop says there is no battery, but after plugging it in for a while it runs even after disconnecting it from the power.

If anyone ever had this issue with a battery playing hide-and-seek, you are welcome to let me know your experience.