Considering Viki is a global television site, why is there so much American content in the News?

I’m sure most of you have noticed that approximately 60-70% of News contents on Viki is purely based on the American media niche and perhaps irrelevant to the thematics of Viki.

So, why is that exactly? And is anyone interested in getting more variety on the Viki news stand?

Viki news?! There is such a thing?! Or do you mean that US weekly or whatever it’s called channel? I don’t check it and when I see it somewhere I just skip it. Honestly I don’t see the extra value of such news on Viki. Well not the US news only but on the other hand my dosis of Korean celeb news I get from Koreaboo or Soompi so if Viki would add that I would also not check it either…

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Not checking either, but then again, I am someone who doesn’t follow that kind of news or gossip at all.
I am much more interested in today’s world, politics and society than other news, especially American content news.

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On the “More” button:

I got the impression that the new merger with Soompi is supposed to give us more Asian-related content. I guess it’s not in function yet.

I would like to see for example interviews with actors, directors and screenwriters. You know, the content Internet is full of, but isn’t translated.


Oh yes interviews with people would be nice or other content you don’t see all over the place… not that kind of news where you think “is this news?” like I think many times. I just saw a whole article about a female artist because her pants where to short… ehhh seriously?! LOL

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I hate most those “articles” that talk about a random person making a list on one of the social sites in Korea, and all the nasty comments that follow it. Or those five “articles” all concerning one episode of a show (particularly Unpretty Rapstar).

Yes, the interviews would be very valuable and nice to see and translated into multiple languages. Yes, I noticed the content was American focused and was disappointed. I mean for me, I can see this content where I live and I come to Viki to get away from the gossip that goes on with American ‘news’. Yes, I on occassion, will shamelessly watch something but for the most part I find it irrelevant. Honestly, I don’t need to hear anything about Bieber or Cyrus unless they have new music or concert coming out. I am just using them as examples. So, I am glad you mentioned it and hope Viki will take this in consideration as they expand their content. Interviews with actor and singers for upcoming projects would be great and not just the interviews from variety shows.