"Continue Watching" list not updating... again?


I haven’t seen a notice as I have at times when the “continue watching” list wasn’t updating. There have been some errors lately with it but they seemed to be resolved fairly quickly. It seems that this hasn’t been updating all day now though? I’m currently watching from a computer though there had also been an issue with the “continue watching” list on the app a few days ago so it may be both that have an issue at the moment. Anyone else notice this?


Yep. It started for me today on both the browser version and the app.


It’s been a long time that it hasn’t been working for me. I resorted to writing everything on mydramalist, so that I know which episodes I have watched, because Viki doesn’t give me that information anymore on the episode list page of the drama.
On the other hand, on the front page, it does give me “continue watching” for dramas that I’ve finished, only because I didn’t watch the last seconds of the ending credits. And there’s no way to remove those.


It seems that they all updated now, which is great because I tend to jump around a lot when I watch and don’t otherwise keep track of where I’m at with dramas because that’s too much work lol


You can’t remove the “continue watching” list? You should be able to hit the edit button and then “x” them out to remove them.

If there are issues with the continue watching list sometimes stopping the video from just forwarding to the next video and dragging the time all the way to the end of the video then allowing it to go to the next one sometimes helps. I don’t bother writing things down but most of the time it’s been keeping track of the shows well so I’m not sure why yours hasn’t worked for you in a long time. :frowning:


As @nrjjsbh said, if you click on the “Continue Watching” heading, or “see all” from your homepage, there should be an “edit” button near the top right. This allows you to “X” out any dramas you wish to delete from the category and then click “done”. I am not sure if the app has this same feature, but you can do this on the browser. Unless, of course, you are experiencing a glitch in this process, which we can never rule out.

As an update, my “continue watching” also recovered late last night.


I just did that, thank you!