Continue watching list?

Is there anyway to selectively clear individual shows from the Continue Watching List?

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  1. If on a PC, click on “See All”.
  2. In the upper right corner click on “Edit”.
  3. Confirm with “Done”.

I tried your directions. But I am on a laptop. Is there a different way to get “continue watching” on laptop? Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:

Your watch playlist can be found on the homepage, right under the main slide:

Or you can just follow this link:

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Whether you’re on a laptop or pc, it’s the same thing.
After edit, remove the show you want to remove. There should be a minus sign. Or an X sign on the image.
If that doesn’t work, just get the app on your mobile or tablet. It’ll be easier.
Same steps.