Cooking vids recipes to make at home


I love watching cooking videos! You can follow them better than a recipe book!

“One meal a day”, a Korean channel, has super easy and fast cooking recipes with English + Korean subs:

Crème brûlée (only need vanilla ice-cream + eggs!)

Gimbugak (rice paper chips):


Love these!

“2000 years later1” lol

I was actually making the “rice glue” manually to make the Rice Paper Seaweed chips before. Can’t wait to try this easy way.

And it’s funny how she eats something else after finishing what she made!


I thought the chef was a male XD My baad!

What is manual rice glue?
I love eating rice papers, more than seaweed sheets, but I really want to try these rice paper seaweed chips! Any chips deserve attention!

Korean audio + English subs for these 6 easy recipes:

  • cabbage soup
  • sesame broccoli
  • eggplant + zucchini
  • shrimp pancake
  • steamed tofu
  • sprouted egg salad

I want to try the tofu one, it seems really yummy!


Korean cooking glue is basically rice powder, flour, or sweet rice powder + water mix, boiled until it thickens and then becomes like glue. That’s what’s used for Gimbugak traditionally, but this lady is “cheating” and using the rice paper instead. The “glue” is also used in other dishes, such as Kimchi.


I’m not 100% sure, either, but I thought the hands looked more like a girl’s hands, and even the way she wrote sounded more girlish, although a guy can speak that way too.


My family really likes that dish, too. Cucumbers are totally optional, so you can omit it or use something else like Minari (like the movie title) instead. I don’t usually have minari or cucumbers in hand, so I just steam/boil the tofu and top it with seasoning. Simple and good. It looks like she used firm tofu, but I actually prefer using soft tofu for this dish. But either will work.


Elle trop bien ^^ allez voir c’est vidéos :slight_smile:


the one I watch is that Korean lady which of course dont know her name at the time. she has some interesting recipes as well, going to gheck those vids y’all shared today

I’d like to find other country recipes too


I’m a fan of soft tofu for soups!
What seasoning do you use for this dish?


I didn’t know her, plus she has a diploma in cuisine and bakery on her profile!

I really like this recipe:


C’est vidéos sont super bien expliquer ^^ du coup c’est très facile a faire chez soi et elle parle français dans ses vidéos :slight_smile:


soy sauce, scallions, chopped peppers, sesame seeds, sesame oil, minced garlic, red pepper powder, optionally a little sugar or plum extract.


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