Couple of questiona

wonder if Viki will "license " bad boys 2, then what about Black?? that is out now and I have watched a couple of the episodes, fair warning it is not GOBLIN, Its about a grim reaper, and one of my favorite actors being the bad,(I guess) reaper. but it looks interesting in what I have seen. the guy that plays on my princess & dr jin.but would love Viki to get these two. the guy that plays on the strong woman is in it

another thing, why do the Chinese folks have their dramas 50 -55 episodes where 20 or 30 would do? I won’t complain about the dramas. I think they are still fantastic no matter how long they are, and the subbers are great, so are the writers!

another question, how do they find out about all that historical stuff, please don’t say google it. I know some of these dramas do have some historical back ground. so was it written and the “writers” got their stories from there? like I said just asking.

It’s common for cdramas to have so many episodes per series, they also add a lot of side stories that help you bond more with the character too. Other thing is that most of cdramas have a sad ending or an open ending. But I understand what you mean with that for some dramas just 20 episodes would do, but there are others like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Journey of Flower and Princess Agents that actually 50+ episodes weren’t enough to tell the whole story, so it really depends on the script and also the chemistry on screen of the actors.

One good example is Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, the drama and the movie. Those who read the book before watching the drama were able to understand a lot of the background of some character and also the writers did a great job with the script. The drama followed the book very closely and the result was a drama of around 50~ episodes which was just the number of episodes it needed to develop the whole story (I’d have loved to have more though), but the movie… omg in my opinion it was mess, beautiful visuals and leads (Yang Yang!), but if you haven’t seen the drama or read the book first it would be kinda difficult to follow the story and you would end up with more questions than answers.

As for the historical background of the stories, I bet the writers do their research and might have a whole team dedicated to that, but as for Princess Agents (and other cdramas), the story was based on an existing book which had a made up dynasty and the writers actually changed some of the names from the original story and cut other things, like the original story starts as a kinda a time-travel story. So to summarize, they might do research or sometimes they might just look for some other resources like existing novels :slight_smile:

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thank you so much for clearing all that up for me/ yes I thought some were from a book, I attempted to start peach blossom, but never finished it. I am just starting the Princess agents, just need to get back to it. so the writers or whoever does the research on the stories, I understood that the doctress also was a historical one as well, I haven’t seen all of them, slowly going through them, oh ! the scarlet heart was really one of those true stories( um not the time travel of course) I do like these historical dramas , I do enjoy the costumes scenes and the stories themselves. so glad someone filled me in on these dramas and all. again thanks!!

:slight_smile: Yes! I believe Imperial Doctress was a real story with a bit of extra just for drama-reasons, but yes! A lot of cdramas are book adaptations like Scarlet Heart (the time-travel one) , Love Lost in Times and The General and I all have an existing book. For kdramas similar to those I recommend The Moon Embracing the Sun and Empress Ki :slight_smile: but I really recommend to give Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms a try, it’s pretty great!