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So my profile page is a mess. I’m really trying to tidy it but it’s impossible, i can’t even adjust the photos’ height and width anymore. Why so many limitations with the html? I mean, wouldn’t be at least a reward for us contributors to be able to customize our profile as we wish? Maybe i’m making a drama about it, but my ocd is kicking and i’m really frustrated with my page being all messed up :stuck_out_tongue: Any ideas on how to at least align on the center of the page? I can’t even do that! Ugh!

Same here. I spent so much time doing my profile that I really hoped they would resolve this bug ASAP. Seems like it’s not a bug, considering this article. Though I don’t understand how the cover pages are still up and running while we can’t tidy our profiles. For now, it seems like we have to use the spacebar to center anything on our profiles. Not very practical.

I actually think it may be a bug, or they haven’t reset the allowed codes for profiles. Because if that list applies to profile pages as well, things like adjusting photo dimensions and alignment (and probably most things people use) should be allowed.

Briefly, editing community walls would cause all the designs to be lost, but that seems to have been fixed. So I wonder if they’re still testing on profile pages. Or if they forgot or something?

Viki staff told me this:

We recently experienced a security breach on our website, where account information was potentially made available to unauthorized third parties on profiles and cover pages that had vulnerable HTML codes within the editor.

We take situations like these very seriously and we understand that this can cause stress and anxiety to our users, which is why we took measures to help ensure the security of your account. We want to assure you that the cause of this issue has been addressed and that your information was not compromised.

For that reason they cannot fix the profiles and CW’s and some coding isn’t allowed anymore. To see what coding is still allowed:

I got a similar response before too, when I asked why they disabled adding in background images. But they’ve since they brought that feature back on the community walls.

I assume they’ve taken care of the security breach though, since channel walls are working fine again. So I’m still curious as to why that isn’t the case for profile pages :\

Hi Darling!

I trust you have been well. I was wondering whether there have been any updates re: this issue. I have not touched/updated my profile since October of last year, and would like to know whether the HTML coding elements allowing for the formatting of text and picture resizing in particular are now being allowed.

I had contacted the Help Center when the changes initially occurred, but only received a generic response. I sent another message about 10 days ago, and am still awaiting their feedback. I just want to resize the pictures, center and color the text, and none of the attributes in the editor are working. Any tips or info you might be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.


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