Creating New Actor/Actress pages

Is there a way to create a new page for an actor or actress?

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Give it a second to load, but under the top volunteers on the right side, there’s a thing that says “Submit a channel.”

Click Start submission. Fill in the info, etc; for “Category” select Artist.
You’ll have to wait a week or so for Viki to approve or deny the channel, and they’ll send you a message about it.


ohh thanks :smiley:

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Is this still an option? :smiley:

Update, 10/10/2022

That link brings me to my dashboard, the only way I could think of to request a channel for a new actor/actress is with this form:

or post a topic in “Ask the Community”, or file a ticket…

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I found an answer @simi11, I was looking for something else, and re-found @lutra’s reply.

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