Creative and/or unique drama openings / endings

What are dramas with creative and/or unique drama openings and/or endings that you’ve watched?

Unique as in: it’s different from your standard drama intro’s /endings. Could be visually or in regards to music.
Creative: you might see it more often, but the visuals / music are original and stands out.

A drama opening that I thought was unique and really fitted the tone of the drama was

Both the music and the visuals give this eerie vibe.

Which openings or endings do you think are creative or unique? :blush:

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for me, it would be “big dragon”

What do you like about it? :smiley:

the song and the intro when it’s towards the end looks really beautiful…and i love magkorns obssessions with dragons, wbu?

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I’m not familiar with that drama, that’s why I asked what you liked about it :blush:

Another drama opening that I like is one I just started to watch. It’s not that much about the animation, even though it’s cute and tells you about the characters, but it’s about how simple vocals / instrumentation can create a very creative jingle that gets stuck in your head :joy:

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I really liked the ending of the 2018 “Meteor Garden”, despite it having mixed reviews. At first I didn’t really understand it either, but it was one of my very early dramas. I think it was my third drama overall and second C-Drama. But I read up on it a little and it turns out the whole thing pays homage to past adaptations of the story since it’s a very popular story. I thought that that was really cool and it’s come to be my all-time favorite drama ending! :smile:


It was a throwback to the Taiwanese version right?
The actor / actress that they featured were from that version I guessed, when I was watching it :joy:
I haven’t seen the Taiwanese version, but it was the logical conclusion for me at that time (also his accent). Let me know if I’m wrong :joy:

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Possibly. It was such a long time ago that I was reading up on it. But I do remember there were multiple references, so the Taiwanese version could have very well been one, especially since I think that one was a really big hit from what I’ve read. I do remember that they had a reference to the musical, because apparently there was a musical version (Not gonna lie, I would watch that :joy:) as well. I think the song they sing at the end was a song that had also been part of the show and was very popular because of a previous version? I only remember some parts of the analysis I read at that point, so they may have also had other references which I both completely missed and forgot about if they were mentioned. :joy:

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