Curious about what segmenter's do? Come watch -check in tomorrow done for Wednesday



I was just watching a movie and the segments are so bad (lmao) that I felt I was running a marathon bc of trying to read them before they ‘‘changed.’’ to the other seg/sub.

I thought I was going to go cross-eyed. Had to take breaks in between. Bad segments don’t bother me as long as the subtitles are good, and this movie had great subtitles.


Most part of the movies are coming presubbed so presegmented since a few years now, so if the CM is not recruiting at least one segmenter to fix the segments, you’ll see movies like that unfortunately.


@angelight313_168 I’m not talking about Viki segments.

See the micro gaps here.


yesterday got my admittance for the segmenting training. I’m quite thrilled and scared haha



You do segments somewhere else? I used to also do segments and subtitles on YouTube a long while ago.

This is the way I used to see the mini gaps on viki. Micro gaps you can barely see, but I call them ‘‘hiccups’’ and they really are described as ‘‘flashing’’ in the video/screen.

There’s nothing to be scared about; segmenting is very simple once you get the hang of it. The ‘‘sensei’’ as they are called; are really nice and patient.


thankyou, you are a real angel, i feel better



Thank you. Keep us posted of your progress. I know you’ll do just fine.