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Could someone tell me how to customize the profile of Viki? Which program to use? Every time I go into any custom profile I’m wondering how to do it. If you can help me I appreciate. :relaxed:

Viki has an editor build in… there is no special program to use


Dudie is right, you have “customize your profile” at the top of your page.


I don’t know pretty much about customizing profile but I just know a Lil bit of designing or doing a decent layout which you can use to edit later on. If you want I can help you to do a layout.

I will accept two :blush:
Anyone can PM me

This is my layout click

First 2 :slight_smile:

  1. ninafk19
  2. icedthy



There is a special editor, which enables you to do some basic things. But they are very basic. For instance, you can make a table but you cannot edit it. Once done, that’s it. If you want to add or delete rows, to change the width of each row, add cells and so on, you cannot. If you right click and choose “Table properties”, you’ll see that many things are greyed out, you cannot make any changes from there. You have to change it from the source code (click on the “Source” button to see it).
Also, if you want to make little boxes (divs), if you want a background colour/image, or anything a little bit more advanced, again you have to know html and make changes to teh source code.
If you don’t, there is a way, though.
If you do have a WYSIWYG* web designing program on your computer (some of them are free), just copy paste the source code, edit it on your program to make whatever nice things you want, and then paste it back on your viki profile page.

  • What You See Is What You Get. A program where you can design a webpage without knowing code.

I understand, you have to know how to mess with HTML … Thanks for your help. :relaxed:

I would appreciate your help. I’ll send a pm.
Thanks. :blush:

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