Cutest K-dramas ever^^

Hello everybody! I really love K-dramas! There are dramatic,romantic,cute and all different kinds of K-dramas! I wanna ask you what are the best/cutest K-dramas you have ever watched? Mine are:


Haha you’re cute, you made me laugh!

lol I’m watching" Reply 1994" and I think is really cute, not sure if is the cutest I have ever seen (I will think about it) but I can say that one is cute so far.

I think all I have is Playful Kiss. I drop more romantic comedies than melodramas so I might be genre-biased. :slight_smile: (And I think a cute drama would more than likely be a rom-com). I usually find myself liking personalities that are cute but dramas as a whole…don’t think I’ve seen many cute ones.

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I think Reply 1994 is more fun than cute with all the farting and talking the mouth full of rice. haha I really love it but I guess it depends on how you define cute. Is it the personnality or physical? In playful kiss the girl was really cute, that actress has aegyo.

Lol, to me Playfull kiss is not cute at all, (I like the drama but not cute in my opinion), so I guess is depending on the point of view, I found in reply 1994 cute and funny at the same time: the parents, the cute things the main characters do for each other, the relationship of everyone in the house and the characters personalities I found it cute, lol the farts yes lol is not cute, but I found even the sheep sound cute.

yeah I guess we all see cute in a different way. Don’t get me wrong though I really love reply 1994 it’s my number 1 show right now. :slight_smile: I love these unusual dramas they’re so refreshing.

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I agree on Playful Kiss. It was so cute! I haven’t watched Reply 1994 yet. I also think My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was a really cute drama. Shin Min Ah was such a cute Gumiho!

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Believe it or not, Protect the Boss is a cute one. It’s a very underrated show but the actors are good and it’s just straight up adorable! Plus, I am a bit bias since the main character has a “I’m trying to be nice, but you cant only push me so far before I push back” personality. I hate how in a lot of K-dramas, the female leads tend to get manipulated, punked, and jerked around so easily! I find myself screaming at the screen, “Stand up for yourself lady!!!” With that being said, I love the leading lady in this. She;s still trying to be cordial, but she doesn’t let the mean girls push her around either.

In the category of “cutest” my favorite is Prince’s First Love/First Love of a Royal Prince. Cha Tae-hyun is too cute and funny.

Oh yeah, oodles of aegyo!

goong or princess hour. it’s so cute.

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