Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!๐Ÿ˜


Their choreography looks extra cool when there are literally so many bodies and body parts flying around.


I know, right?! :heart_eyes: The synchronization with 13 members is just mesmerizing to watch.

Found another insane choreoโ€ฆ he walks BACKWARDS exactly into place! Love how the chaos suddenly morphs into a perfect formation and then breaks apart again.


How about the guy who seamlessly picks up the hat he dropped, as if it is all part of the choreo? Brilliant.

Given how much these guys practice, over and over and over again, does anyone else ever think about how awful it would be if you really hated the song? No? Just me?


Oh I think about this allllll the time :joy::joy: There are some songs they get TIRED of performing over and over but they just have to do itโ€ฆ
I really didnโ€™t like NCT 127โ€™s newest songโ€ฆ NCT loves experimenting with new songs and they donโ€™t always work for everyone. I respect them for trying out all sorts of things (this album wasnโ€™t a failureโ€” they achieved fourth highest 1st week sales on the all time Hanteo charts and third highest 1st day sales in all of Hanteo history, just behind NCT DREAM). No one can pull off their covers. Only NCT can carry such songs and make it a hit.

When I first heard it, it felt like I was hearing someone practice the flute over and over in the background while these guys to an entirely different song. :flushed:

Iโ€™d have gone insane practicing it over and over. The good thing is, most songs grow on you if you listen to it over and over. There are a lot of songs I used to be annoyed with but suddenly I started liking them :sweat_smile: But Sticker is one song I just cannot like. Every time I listen to it, I keep hearing that flute melody even after Iโ€™ve moved on to some other activity :tired_face: It sounds so real!


Iโ€™m kind of the opposite - over exposure to a song will often lead me to dislike it over time, even if I loved it from the beginning, which is why I wonder how these groups do it because I assume they are literally listening to the song over and over, incessantly, in practice. Maybe they just become numb to it. And I know that there is likely a good amount of โ€˜suck it up and do your jobโ€™ that goes into it.


Iโ€™m weirdโ€ฆ There are songs I start out not liking, then start liking, then LOVE, and then I go on a descent and stop listening to it :joy: I could listen to power ballads or R&B all day, no problem. Itโ€™s the other types of songs that I love one day and hate the next


Me thinks there is one personโ€™s songs that you never get tired ofโ€ฆ:smile:


Well, there are certain songs that are exceptions. Itโ€™s like they get written on my soul (sorry if that sounds cheesy), and youโ€™re right, certain songs by a certain someone are on that list. :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gives me chills every darn time! :purple_heart:

have you seen this! Watch him when he sings - you will see why


Thanks for posting. Yes, maโ€™am. One of my tropes! Heโ€™s got more talent in the tip of his little finger than I have in my whole body. I can see why you dig him! :wink::wink:


I totally agree. Funny thing is I didnโ€™t know after watching him in Wok of Love that he was who he is and now after โ€œlikingโ€ him so much - I now realize everyone else does too. I keep saying - me - ME - I was first! But I guess I was behind the power curve. He is truly an exceptionally talented person.


I loved this performance


Deja Vuโ€™s dance practice! :scream::scream:


Deja Vu is getting a lot of play time on my Spotify, and several of the โ€˜viewsโ€™ for that video have my name on them. :grin:


I am seriously obsessed with iKON! I love intense, hard-hitting, sharp choreography, but I also love this fluid, emotional choreography.


They make me CRAZY!!! :crazy_face:


My Bunny
Wonho!!! :rabbit:


Oh just discovered this group KARD - mixed KPOP - but they have a ROCK feel.
I LIKE them - kinda EMO a little too!

BM and J.Seph are HOT :fire:
He is so TALL but dances so well!!!

The girls are gorgeous I want that silver hair!!!


Hidden Kard Network

J Seph from KARD


Heโ€™s definitely got some moves. ~runs off to see more~