Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!๐Ÿ˜


I really love Min Ho when it comes to dance


I love this in normal outfits! Not costumes! Share more!!! I love it! Heโ€™s good. I love fancams

Can I say he has a really CUTE - um - :peach:


Heโ€™s so cute!!


Cause you ask for it! haha




Love MonstaX and Wonho (now solo)


I love that choreography!

p.s., the first guy has dimples, is he in dimple club yet? (Seeing dimples everywhere first thing in the morning. It makes this girl happy)


Is that Wonho - He is no longer with MonstaX - He is Solo - Let me look to see if he has dimples! I do follow him I should know!>>>??

or him

I will have to do research



My Yunho - or U-KNOW

Seriously obsessed with this dance practice



Oh MY!


Oh My!


My exact reaction!


Wow, his abs areโ€ฆ intense?


You should see his Instagram - I am like off in AB land!


Wow they can dance! Wish they got more attention.

In Soo - LoveFEST 2021


I just love WONHO!

I will be buying this tomorrow! And I purchased it - Canโ€™t wait


I really love this song and JUNHO and TARGET PRACTICE = :fire:


Junho being all kinds of sexy. His next project needs to be a spy or crime thriller.


Yippie! My Boys ATEEZ

Sannie - Your hair is BLACK!!! Wow!!! and Yeosang - blonde!!!


More and more SEVENTEEN! I LOVE their fluidity and sync!

Warning for @my_happy_placeโ€ฆ quite a bit of flashing in the above video.
This is another dance practice because Iโ€™ve already posted Hitโ€™s dance practice


The name โ€œSeventeenโ€ is explained as โ€œ13 members + 3 units + 1 teamโ€, representing the 13 individual members from 3 different units (hip-hop, vocal, and performance) who all come together to form one group.