Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍


You just gotta have that Belly Roll! I hope you get better soon!


No Peek-a-Boo but hopping


I’m BACKKKKKKK!:purple_heart:


Thanks for the Ateez fix! :grin:


Ok - I never post BTS but this is cute


I still LOVE this!


Listening To ATEEZ


BTS new song is breaking records -


Wonho and Monsta X


How about dance-offs in dramas? :see_no_evil: Here’s the trailer.


I find D.O. tap dancing very sexy


I’m not sure if this what you talking about, but I’m going to left these here hahaha

I found sergeant Seo hilarious!


We just love any good moves!!! It was mainly for Kpop guys but we have added a lot of different things!
Bo Gum’s dance I love love love love love - And I love LJS - Your Face

This made me love him because he is so out of breath and not a dancer but he did this for his FANS
Makes me SMILE everytime


Gorgeous Cha Eun Woo!!


I love Cha! Baby Cha! He is such a sweetheart!


Don’t forget our sweet Lee Min Ho in a commercial hahaha

And of course the talented Lee Seun Gi



And a Belly Roll


OK so I’ve been so GOOD but Sans Belly Roll Calls Out!


I was watching this video and I just remember this scene!!!

I can completely understand her feelings hahahaha


YUMMY! Just Yummy - Chocolate Abs