Dance Off: Which of Your Guys has the Best Moves!😍


Taemin and Hyuna “Trouble Maker”.


TVXQ’s Yunho and Max Changmin. “Keep You Head Down” was released in 2011.


You Know or Yunho is a new crush for me!


Kang Daniel’s newest release “Antidote”.



I’ve followed their work since around 2007.


Spotify has a huge selection of Korean artists music.


He’s back and doing so many VLives and Instagram Lives! He knows how to keep his fans happy!
Cannot WAIT for 2 pm to be ALL back together. I have watched him eat ice cream at 4 am my time! hahahahahaha!

Junho 2pm :yellow_heart::penguin:Emperor PenPen

For me Junho has all the RIGHT MOVES


To me the one and only is OK Taecyeon bc his moves are very masculine, and he never miss a beat. He’s all man when moving those hips.


LOL. I’ve been married longer than those ‘old’ guys in Shinhwa.


I NEEDED a Belly Roll!!! Night All!


En este vídeo pueden ver increíbles bailarines​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Ellos son ASTRO💜


I had to go look up how old they are, I’m only a little older than these guys.

On a side note. How did I not know Eric Mun was a member of Shinhwa?


He IS???


Yea… All these guys are ‘kids’ to me. My son is older than most of them. :sunglasses:


Oh NO - Guess who is back watching the Belly Roll



OK I find D.O. dancing tap like extremely SEXY! I’m not kidding!


I love Astro’s New Songs! Wow! at 2:44

Here is their dance practice! I am TEAM Eun Woo (and I like Rocky too)


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Where did you guys go??? I’ve been posting! :point_up::point_up::point_up:


Oh! I’m sorry! I had my left knee chopped out and replaced with BORG UNIT Friday. I am out of it for the most part. Sleepy, in pain, sore, stiff, and bruised all to heck. So, yea, not a great weekend for me but if I can Dance AGAIN! (And maybe be able to chase after some of these young Idols and have a likelihood of catching one of them… :rofl: :sunglasses: :dancer::dancer::dancer::blush: I’ll be set! ) Yea, right! :rofl: I’ve been busy watching Kingdom and Ateez. :sunglasses: .:dancer: :rofl: :older_woman: :walking_woman:\:running_woman: :dancer: